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Last night a friend of mine, a DJ, asked me over to have a drink. I guess I was naive. I wasn’t completely sure that he was interested in me in anything other than as a cool chick, however, let’s be real… Men don’t make friends with girls because they think that they are cool. Men make friends with women they find attractive and hope to have a chance at dating or fucking.
He’s a sweet guy but a guy I’d be friends with, not wrap myself around. He reminds me of the men I’ve known through the years. The boys I hung out with in high school. Music nerds, you know, the Jon Cusack character in High Fidelity… but in Jack Black’s body.
So, in my exhausted cluelessness, he started to kiss me. A couple minutes in, not feeling anything, I said that I needed to go. I felt badly and I didn’t want to continue on in a manner that was leading towards someplace I knew wasn’t what I wanted and wasn’t genuine.
Would I have felt differently if he were Jack Black in John Cusack’s body? Maybe. I don’t know for sure. I do know that what I was sure of … was that my staying would have been unfairly leading him on … and that wasn’t something I wanted to do.

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I heard the most hysterical song today. With a nod to, and the deepest respect for, the Arctic Monkeys, I reprint these lyrics from their song Flourescent Adolescent:

You used to get it in your fishnets
Now you only get it in your night dress
Discarded all the naughty nights for niceness
Landed in a very common crisis
Everything’s in order in a black hole
Nothing seems as pretty as the past though
That Bloody Mary’s lacking a Tabasco
Remember when he used to be a rascal?

then later:

Flicking through a little book of sex tips
Remember when the boys were all electric?

Now when she tells she’s gonna get it
I’m guessing that she’d rather just forget it
Clinging to not getting sentimental
Said she wasn’t going but she went still
Likes her gentlemen to not be gentle
Was it a Mecca Dobber or a betting pencil?

Jesus Christ, I hope I don’t become so ho-hum about a great shag in the future. I hope I can still get great shags in the future. How depressing. I need to go listen to Bruises by Chairlift. It makes me happy. Even though the lyrics are a tinge sad, there is a bittersweet quality about it that I adore. Maybe because it’s strawberry season right now? Maybe because I would love to have such a silly crush. Here is the video for Chairlift’s  Bruises.

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