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I hate games, hate them. I believe they create unnecessary complication and drama, however, apparently some people thrive in a less emotive, more game driven setting.

Geek and I have a date set, tentatively, for Thursday evening. I said that I wanted to plan it, as I am tired of the predictable dinner and sex routine. The sex is great. The dinners always fabulous. But jesus, the routine. I’m a sure thing, my friends are right. Until he realizes how lucky he is to have me, I will never have him. So, time to be less predictable.

What do men like? Competition. Apparently they also like challenges. So, my original plan was Atari arcade games and a dvd of Flash Gordon with some take out, but I have changed my mind. Sexy shoes, Victoria’s Secret Miraculous Bra, a dress that turns heads, and a game of darts, some pints, a few laughs and me leaving him standing on his doorstep alone, as I head home to sleep alone in my own bed. Sure, I may need a vibrator when I make it home, but in the long run, will I gain more, by giving him less?

At our age, with our collective  history of former lovers, why waste our time on these types of games when there are better games to be played by lovers?

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Student Driver now has her own page at www.about.me/learningtodrivestick ! Check me out!

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I have been chosen to start writing for a local edition of the national site, The Examiner. I will be focusing specifically on online dating in the Boston and surrounding areas. I’ll try to bring my same voice to those posts and will be light on the Type Geek discussions, however I think it will still be a fun column worth adding to your blog rolls. I will be continuing with a psuedonym as to not affect my professional life or relationship with the Geek, but I will link you all here so you can find me easily.

What would you love to read about in a column about online dating? Would any of you be willing to be interviewed about your experiences in online dating; the good, the bad, and the insane?

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