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Type Geek has been doing a lot of rain checks lately. A lot. They have grown to become frustrating and boring. I like him, so I put aside time for him. I was surprised to enjoy his company as much as I do, but alas, I do. We were supposed to have a date last Tuesday night, but we rain-checked due to band practice. He then wanted to get together on Wednesday night, but I already had plans. Jesus, World Cup match day, HELLO?! Besides, it isn’t an auto roll over if a night get’s rain checked. I don’t drop all my plans anymore. I did that one day. I had the potential for REALLY hot sex with Cooper Fiennes, totally a hot middle of the afternoon naughty proposition, but because a sexy b-day dinner for  Type Geek’s friend, with the promise of hot sex later loomed, I turned C.F. down. However, loom is ALL the sex did, because Type Geek was spending the night throwing up and curled up in a ball sick. So, I didn’t get laid.

I have infinite patience, if someone communicates with me. IF someone communicates with me. So, instead of rolling our date over to Wednesday night, we agreed to a Saturday afternoon music festival. Laying around in the sun, soaking up the rays, listening to bad 90’s indie-pop-rock. Then the threats of rain came. So, Friday night we canceled those plans. I told him to let me know what he wanted to do instead.

Saturday morning came, I listened to Germany kick ass into the 3rd place position while I cleaned my condo.The afternoon came, no contact from Type Geek. The evening came and finally, come 7 pm, I texted him asking what happened to him.”Oh dear” was his response. Apparently he sent me some sort of text that morning, which I never received. Apparently. He also never contacted me to see what was up, when i didn’t get said message. I grew frustrated. I told him that I was frustrated that I wasn’t getting to see him. That there are times that I really do look forward to seeing him, and when our rendezvous gets canceled, I find myself disappointed. I didn’t hear a response. I think we maybe wrapping up our little affair. I deserve to feel wanted, even in a casual relationship. I don’t think it is malicious on his end, but I do think his behavior may be a little short-sighted.

What do you all think? Kick to the curb? Ask for clarity by asking if things are going on and this recent rash of behavior is only temporary? Shack up with the Spaniard and become an ex-pat? Okay, I vote for 3, but that isn’t a reality. So, opinions?

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The weekend was productive. I had a non-romantic study(him)/work(me) “date” with my young Mr. Decade from last week. We met at a local coffee-house and spread out for some serious nose to the grindstone action. We did pretty well even. While I didn’t get all the changes made to my corporate home page, I did get a good start and built up some worthwhile momentum, which carried me through to the majority of the evening, long after I had gone home and would have normally given up to surf the Internet. Mr. Decade was good. Not a date, as I am trying to decide if I should give him a real chance or not. I’m not sure if the 10 years difference is an obstacle I can climb over. He’s sweet though.  He had gone out to a party after we separated Saturday afternoon and late that evening, whilst I was still in html coding hell, he IM’d me.  He tried subtle flirting. I dodged it. He tried not so subtle flirting, I was still able to navigate past that. Then he said, “All I am saying is, if you give me a chance, I just MIGHT curl those toes of yours.”  Umm, JESUS, young man! OY! Nervous laughter on my end as I asked why he is interested in me, 10 years his senior, to which his response was,”You are smart, witty, gorgeous AND sexy. Why wouldn’t I be interested in you?” Pretty good response, I must admit. We said our good-nights and I worked for a few more hours.

The time flew. 11 pm, 12:30, 2, and then 4 am. I had made plans earlier in the week to meet up for Sunday brunch with the Doppelganger, a.k.a. the Peruvian’s bigger brother (eek). I wasn’t feeling it Saturday night though. I really wanted a lazy Sunday with no commitments suddenly. I felt like an asshole but I had to feign illness. I wrote him at 4:15 am and complained of an overwhelming malaise that seemed to be worsening as the hours stretched. I felt it was a kinder excuse than the truth, which was that I wasn’t in the mood suddenly. This would have disappointed him and potentially hurt his feelings, neither of which were my intention or goal. Speaking of intentions, neither of the brothers know about me yet, but I promise, I will tell Doppelganger soon, UNLESS, after the next date, there is total clarity that we have zero chance for anything beyond friendship. I am trying to weigh him separately from his brother, and it is difficult to avoid the comparisons at every turn, but I am trying to do that. So, I sent the email and woke at 11 am to see that he had received and accepted my rain-check with a voice of concern and advice to load up on “c and Theraflu”. I didn’t do either BUT I did load up on coffee at Starbucks.

The dog and I were BORED come 2 pm. We decided a wander around the waterfront area was exactly what we needed. We took to the streets, both properly bundled in our jackets and boarded the train. At the waterfront we roamed around a little bit, ran into our Mr. Decade on the street near the cafe and stopped into his place for a bit to warm up. The pooch proceeded to show off and make out with him and his roommate while rolling on the carpeted floor in absolute glee. She is a funny dog. We stayed about 45 minutes before heading back home, past another Starbucks, on to the train and home for some amazing gourmet nachos made by… me.

I had a few more hours of work to do and I was exhausted. Even with the caffeine I was finding myself nodding off as I finished some work on the home page. I took a break to check my emails and deal with some of them and noticed that PayPal had sent me another note. They are the merchant services provider for my business and we’ve had some issues back and forth lately that we have been working through. These issues have required many updates, changes, blah blah blah. SO, I didn’t think anything of the email telling me that I needed to update my info. Of course I needed to update my account information. I just spoke with PayPal two days prior about that very issue.

I woke up Monday morning, wandered to Starbucks, and was informed that my card was declined. Hmm. Thousands in my account but a $3 espresso drink makes it come to a grinding halt? Just then it all made sense. I called my bank first to verify my theory. Then I called PayPal to let them know to warn their users. 20 minutes later I was in my banker’s office and he was cutting up my card and informing me that after the money is paid out, they will begin an affidavit to the fraud. After that point they launch an investigation and then he told me that it could take up to 60 days to get a full refund. 60 days and a bank account that was wiped clean. This will be an interesting week. I can’t believe that I fell for a phishing scam. I had plans to woo my Musician/Assoc Prod/Writer guy at a concert this week, to pick up some materials at Home Depot for a little cosmetic work I have to do on my condo and to buy dog food. I guess the universe had other plans. I may have to ramp up the dating over the next 60 days just to ensure I have dinner. I am not the type to date because I am poor and need to eat but hmmm, it is awfully tempting.

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I had made plans with this one gentleman to get together today for coffee but I woke up unable to do it. I called him to rain check but truth be told, I don’t really even want to. I feel badly though. I feel as if he has put so much effort in with emails that I should just give him the 2 hours. Bad way to go into a date right? Then there is the Jewish dad with the pack of dogs that wants to get together but I am not feeling that either. He’s abrasive and his laugh annoys me. Really annoys me. Sigh. There is a young one I spoke with the other day who is intriguing. I don’t normally reply back to men in their 20’s but he seemed to have already experienced his late 20’s existential dilemma. Plus, he turns 30 today. I promised him a birthday drink when he gets back from California.

Interestingly enough, today, 3 men in their 20’s have contacted me. Currently, I am on Skype with a young Aussie vegan who believes in economic anarchism and has a propensity for stabbing himself accidently every time he gets near a chefs knife.  He sounds cute and has some strong opinions that he is able to stand by and offer back up support on why he feels that way.

Well, he just asked me if I want to meet up tonight for drinks. Hmm, ok, why the hell not. Time to jump in the shower as he will be picking me up in an hour.  Strange how I began this post having canceled a date and ended it running out for one.  I will update you all when I get in this evening.

Or I will update this post, as he phoned me while I was in the shower realizing that he needs to get to bed early tonight for a meeting in the morning. So, we have rescheduled for coffee tomorrow afternoon. Ha, this day.

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