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ok, so:

Nothing happened with Virginia. He flaked on our second date and then decided he didn’t have any time to spare, even just for a casual sexual rendezvous type of thing. Bummer, cause he REALLY turned me on. Sigh.

Went out for dinner with the Slavic tech guy again. YAWN. Nothing there. NOTHING.

Met up with a friend for cocktails after that dinner with Slavic, yet again that friend kissed me goodnight, but he shows NO interest while we are hanging out. I’m too hot not to be touched. If you want me, take a page from Virginia’s book and put your hands on my arm, my ankles… kiss me DURING the time we are hanging out. Look AT me and not away. Not feeling desired = hey, we are friends and you will NEVER get me naked. NEXT

That’s it right now. The prospects aren’t good. I’ve got some morons who can’t spell…

“Hi georgious.hope to know u and read from u soon…..”
That barely has me keeping my clothes on. Damn!

“We’re you caught speeding lately?
Cause you have got FINE written all over you…”
Oh my god, so fucking witty. I’m ready and primed for you now! Really?! Does this work on some women?

So, that’s my current status. I’m considering asking my readers to set me up with hot geeks. Know any hot geeks?!

P.s. Here is a shout out to my Married Canadian friend who reads along. We had dinner the other night and were talking about my exploits and recent lack of exploits and after a few laughs, he mentioned seeing himself in here… so, here you are M.C. How aboot that? ūüėČ

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The texts started coming in while Cooper Fiennes and I were having a late lunch. Type Geek and I had plans that evening. Originally we were going to¬†join his friends¬†40th birthday celebration¬†after the¬†charity function, however we decided that INSTEAD of charity function sounded much better. The drama of those charity people had been too much.The next text message mentions that if I’m late, text him and he’ll come out to me. I told him, I would be there early¬†& extra hot.

A few minutes later  C.F. informs me that we are now going back to his place to shower and fuck. DAMN IT. The look of shock on his face when I declined, priceless. As much as I WANTED to be able to, NOT being able to felt really good. Leaving him wanting me was an awesome feeling. Sigh. Cooper Fiennes walked me to the train, kissed me frustratingly on the platform and we parted so I could make my date on time. I did send C.F. a breast/bra flash photo via text though after I arrived on my side of the station. He looked so pathetic across the way. Like a little boy who found out there was no Santa Claus. He flashed me his trademark smile as he saw it come through his phone just as his train arrived.

Okay,¬†now the cards were stacked against me.¬†My trains were running on delays with¬†signal switching issues, then a bus that was pulling off just as I walked out of the station…aarrgh. Somehow I was able to get home, rinse off quickly in the shower, run a razor haphazardly over my legs and slip on my hot dress, sequined heels, and grab some overnight essentials in less than an hour. I also took the dog for a walk around the block.¬†¬†Amazingly, I¬†make it to the restaurant with 5 minutes to spare … when I get his text. HE is running late. Turns out that the only other person as chronically late as me…is Type Geek. I should know this by now. He has been late for several of our dates. I should no longer rush, unless there is a time sensitive reason.

I’m pacing outside the restaurant, awaiting his arrival, fretting about what¬†meeting his friends means,¬†and texting him suggestively. He says that there is no guarantee¬†that i¬†will get laid that night. WTF is that?! He does have to leave early the next morning for a Father’s day event across the state, but really? Fine, I decide to tease the hell out of him then. I went into the bathroom and exposed my panties to the cell phone camera, then while outside again, I flashed my breast for the camera. I’m getting¬†laid damn it! I had a sure thing lined in C.F. and now, Type Geek,¬†after already owing me a few morning sexcapades and a make up for the time he fell asleep and forgot to unlock his door, I’m being told that I MIGHT NOT get lucky? Are you serious?! I’m kicking that man’s ass.

He finally shows up to extreme accolades¬†over my appearance. I DID tell him that I would be there¬†early and look extra hot. After a short hello and peck, we walk into the restaurant together. Meeting the friends for the first time¬†of someone you are dating is always a weird experience. Its a¬†vulnerable position if they know you are fucking because you don’t know what said date has told them about you. Also, you don’t know if it means the other person is getting serious with you. With C.F. , his friends don’t know the details of our friendship. They just know that I am around sometimes. I assume that they have their suspicions but we don’t over share since his friends are his colleagues¬†and his colleagues don’t know the extent of his split with his wife. Type Geek’s friends are diverse and older, his two closest and longest friends of¬†the group¬†are also very gay men, which now explains his total¬†non-issue with my past. There were 8 of us total at dinner. I liked 4 of them very much. The other two were odd in their tone with me. They were surprised by my age, assuming I was ten years¬†younger, and they spoke to me in a dismissive interrogative way.¬†It’s an odd thing that women can do with other women if they feel challenged or uncomfortable.¬†My comfort with the group and ability to integrate¬†quickly unnerved them.¬†We had¬†spicy Tikka Masala and a seared Tandoori Lamb, plus copious cocktails.¬†Type Geek isn’t known for being a heavy drinker, a few glasses of wine make him feel buzzy, so I was surprised to see him have 3 vodka martinis, a glass of pinot noir, and the espresso vodka shot we all took. This is going to be interesting as the night stretches on.

The restaurant turns into a nightclub after dinner and¬†we stay. We remained¬†in the¬†banquette seats of our original table and watched the crowd change. ¬†The music was awful, the crowd was worse. Then,¬†a nightclub¬†hostess tried to kick us off the banquette because, as she said, she had just sold the tables for bottle service. This is the point when the woman who arranged the dinner & paid the tab for all 8 of us commented, “excuse me, but I think I just bought this table for $1,000 so, we aren’t moving.” I then calculated in my head the costs of everyone and gasped. Yes, indeed, she did spend roughly $1,000 for this birthday event. Nice friend. No, we aren’t moving. Except, the music started to become too much, the crowd, too trashy, and we decided we wanted something “classier”.

Within ten minutes we had arrived at one of the most hardcore gay nightclubs in the city. The video screens all played “gay for pay” porn in HD and the club stank of adult video store movie booths, but, the music was better. Then T.G. had a beer, then a whiskey. The night really¬†spirals down from there.¬†I had asked if he had ever been cock curious and he said no, not really. There had been a fleeting consideration marked by quick dismissal back in high school. The guy?¬†One of his friends here¬†tonight. That friend gets told the story and then¬†suddenly¬†I turn to see them kissing. Ten minutes later everyone is on the dance floor except for T.G. and I. We are leaning against the bar and suddenly he looks at me strange and says, we should go, now. Officially wasted.

I¬†left T.G. at the bar while I found the boys in the melee on the dance floor, they came over to say¬†goodbye and¬†grab their shirts which were in my purse.¬†When the boys and I head back to T.G. he is sliding down into a seated position on the foot rest of the bar. They attend to him while I turn to talk to his other friend, the woman who paid the dinner bill. Next thing I knew, his head was in his hands and the boys were shaking their head and telling me he was sick. I didn’t see the vomit happen, but I knew then, I was NOT getting laid that night.

We got him out of the bar and¬†into¬†a cab. At¬†his house I was able to get him undressed, teeth brushed, and convince him to get¬†two aspirin and a glass of water into his body. I placed a bucket by his bed, just in case. Cool damp cloth on the back of his neck, head and bare back… and then I told him, wake me if you need me.

I awoke in the morning to find him with his face buried under the once damp cloth. Did he remember much? Not really. He was mortified, it wasn’t that bad I told him. Truthfully, it wasn’t. He was the most composed of any drunken vomiter¬†I have ever witnessed. Hell, I’m not that composed. He didn’t remember kissing his friend, which I had a feeling he wasn’t going to remember. Sigh. I fed him more water, more aspirin and then by 1 was able to get him vertical, showered and feeling human with a cup of coffee in him.¬†He was going to be 5 hours late for Father’s Day brunch. Woops.¬†I then took off for brunch with Assoc.Prod/Musician guy since we haven’t hung in a while and I wanted all the dirt on his new girlfriend.

For the remainder of the day, I couldn’t get this out of my head:

I felt a rush like a rolling bolt of thunder
Spinnin’ my head around and taking my body under.
Oh, what a night!
(Do, do, do, do, do. Do, do, do, do, do, do.)

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Saturday was a day of anxiety for me. I had committed to a series of events months ago, which after getting deeper involved in their production, I was growing¬†increasingly uncomfortable with the women who were trying to put it on.¬†There were multiple¬†levels of unprofessionalism which weaved together to create an environment¬†of which I eventually had to back pedal out of. I finished the few things¬†I had been committed to, however I stopped taking on new tasks and became an attendee, rather than an organizer. However, with the event days away, some things needed to be finalized in regards to my last tasks, such as the sound for the DJ. The DJ, by the way, was to be Type Geek, in a favor I was very thankful for. Well, the women behind the event forgot to order sound and rather than make a quick phone call to order said sound, they had a panic attack, told me they just couldn’t deal with it and that they were at at¬†the meet and greet and were too busy, but that they¬†were swamped. Hmm, that is usually what PRODUCING an event translates to… much stress. I’ve done it, and there¬†are ways to succeed and fail in it. Opting to socialize rather than deal with the 5 minutes needed to make a phone call and order sound to ensure your event a success, is probably the right way to fail. Now, with that said, in addition to the large evening event that Type Geek was assisting with, I was participating in an afternoon festival to celebrate the cause. Except, the women wouldn’t answer my questions about how the morning was going to run. In one moment I was told I was not allowed to drive into the park, the next, I was told I could, but then it was never answered to me WHERE I was to drive in and whether there was a location/set up map. As of 1:00 am the night before, I still didn’t know. I started to have anxiety. Should I even attend. I had decided that I wasn’t attending the evening’s event because the women had chosen to exclude my auction items, my award to the guest of honor, and my DJ, all in a thickly passive aggressive manner. Add on that I still hadn’t found anyone to help me at the start and end of the festival by watching my booth while I picked up the truck or parked it.

Cooper Fiennes¬†works close by the park and offered to help me, even though he had drunk¬†more than his fair share the night before with his friends. I assured him that IF it was a bother, don’t do it. His response was,” If I don’t help you, who is going to? You need help”. That was true. We met at the location at 9:40 am. The event was to begin at 11. I unloaded and went to return the truck, however, I ended up stuck behind a tour bus that was too large for its turn and wasn’t able to return to the site until 10:25. I surveyed the damage before me, only the tent was up. We had the shelves assembled in about ten minutes and even though I was later than I had hoped, the entire tent was set up by 11:20.

At this point I expected C.F. to go home and nap or go to work and get some writing done for a talk he has the following Tuesday, instead, he stays. With the combination of the abrupt gusts that knocked down a shelf and tossed product through the air, the oppressive heat, and the realization that the women had placed my booth far away from others, ensuring my foot traffic was sporadic , at best, the day could have easily turned emotionally ugly for me fast. Instead, C.F. saw my frustration and anxiety with the entire situation and made the decision to provide comic relief and friendly support the entire day. I kept telling him to leave and he kept changing the subject. I apparently did NOT know what I needed and he did, so he stayed. When the wind would almost upend my tent, he would grab the airborne end and anchor it to the ground, all while giving a come hither look and dancing against the pole with a smirk across his face and a wink. His jokes of parasailing were welcome distractions from the reality that my financial take for the day, would equal my rental car costs. I could have stayed home, since I made zero money, however, I had fun with him and we were clothed even.

After the event was over I took the 20 minutes to¬†drop my things at my house and then met back up with him for a late lunch of sushi and iced coffee. He had been adorably bratty and playful all day. Sitting at Starbucks, he looked at me and said, very matter of factly, “So, now, we go to my house and shower and have sex”. The only thing better than having him ask, was my telling him I couldn’t. I have a date with Type Geek. Since he and I aren’t attending/working the evening party, he asked me if I would attend a birthday party for some old friends. I assumed, wrongly so, that Cooper Fiennes¬†had plans with his friends. It is nice though, for him to realize that I am NOT always available, NOT always able to have sex with him at the drop of a hat. He thought I was kidding. I kissed him and had him walk me to the train. We were on opposite platforms, heading opposite directions. I discreetly tucked my camera phone down my shirt for a breast and bra shot which I then texted to him. He smiled from across the platform and boarded his train.

Now it’s time to go home and get ready for my date. These two men in my life right now, well, they rock.

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In case any of you heard that noise last night… it was the chapter of Student Driver & Brooklyn being closed LOUDLY. I have grown tired of the “friendship” on his rules and conditions. A friendship is not based only on one individual’s set of criteria. That isn’t how it works. Especially when the “friendship” exists solely because he reached out to me because he wanted to fuck me. The only time we were truly friends was then,¬†in the moments of his attraction, interest and adoration… once we got naked and almost fucked. Once we got naked and he freaked out because he has only been intimate¬†with one woman and he is scared to death of change and vulnerability,¬†that is when the cards were shuffled and a new deck brought in without my being aware. Our friendship went from a highly emotionally intimate one to one that ranked no higher than that of the conversation you share with casual strangers on the street all within days of getting naked.

I sent him an email last night. I was just emotionally done with the rollercoaster of him wanting to hang out, only he doesn’t, he makes excuses, then telling me how uncomfortable I make him because I’m a sexualized human being and I want more than he can give physically. Umm, been celibate for 4 years, sex isn’t the most important thing in my world. Don’t get me wrong… it’s nice to be getting it again, but I don’t live or die by whether I am having a regular¬†orgasm. Anyway, I digress. So, I sent him an email, asking that he just let me go until he can¬†truly be my friend, until he is¬†able to be present and look me in the eyes again.¬†He has been unable to sit across from me and have coffee or a simple chat in over a month. He can’t look me in the eyes because he can’t hide from me there.¬†The email did NOT attack him.I told him that I loved him deeply, more than¬†I could put into words, more than I could explain, and that while I am not asking for us to end our friendship, I am asking¬†him to not reach out to me until he is¬†through whatever it is he needs to deal with that creates this block with us.

So, what was his reaction to this? Rather than respect it, he texted me asking to talk. He then called me and proceeded to go on the defensive and then attack. He started off by telling me that he hadn’t read it all, and then telling me that I am placing higher standards on our friendship than my others because of my “inflated feelings” for him. (umm, ouch…inflated?). He also implied that I am sitting around and pining for him, that he can’t give that, that he isn’t interested in giving that. I laughed at the pining comment.

IF he and I had a real friendship, the kind he says ours is, he would then know, at least, that I have continued to date and that I am regularly dating two gentlemen now, Type Geek and Cooper Fiennes. He wouldn’t necessarily know that I have had sex with Type Geek, and good sex at that, or that I have made out with Cooper Fiennes¬†by the waterfront at 12:30 on a hot night… but he would at least know that I am dating. So, I am hardly pining. When he implied that I laughed at him. This made him angry and he inquired about what it was I was laughing about. I told him that I have been dating someone for a month whom I am actively sleeping with, so his presumptions are all wrong. Had he actually READ the email, he would have come from the correct place of understanding, rather than doing the exact opposite, instead of respecting me and leaving me at peace, he called me and disrespected and said offensive things to me. Thanks babe.

With that said, I think the saga of Brooklyn and Student Driver might have closed. Do I still love him, of course I do. That will never change. I loved him before I knew what he looked like, before I had met him. He was always a part of my soul, I just wasn’t sure of his physical details.

Now, speaking of Type Geek and Cooper Fiennes… what a weekend! Type Geek and I laid in the sun all afternoon on Saturday, eating a picnic that I threw together the night before. We had white anchovies, canned rainbow trout, falafel chips, falafel balls, kalamata¬†olive hummus, garlic lemon hummus, lamb saut√©ed¬†in smoked spanish paprika, a middle eastern quinoa salad, almond macaroons, goat cheese, rolls for him and¬†a salad of arugula, fresh local strawberries, pineapple sage candied nuts, feta, and lemon vinaigrette. T’was¬†very very¬†good. As was the iced coffee that resulted in a port-a-potty run. Reminder, don’t over-consume¬†diuretic¬†style beverages at an outdoor festival with 20k people in attendance… portable johns are DISGUSTING. After we ate, we packed it all away and alternated between laying on each other¬†and the dog while listening to the music from the nearby stage. At one point he had both my head and the dog sitting fully on his lap. The people watching was superb. We faced the water for the majority of our time there, people were sailing, kayaking and rowing. Some were stoned, one couple was evidently on meth and cruising along erratically in their canoe, another poor lady kept flipping herself and was unable to get back in her kayak. After 10 minutes of watching her, it felt embarrassing. We felt sorry for her. Overall, it was a great festival, UNTIL Type Geek spoke to the freak. Apparently he has a freak magnet, as this drunk¬†guy decided he was our new best friend and kept trying to pet my dog who found his intoxication very unnerving. She was so uncomfortable that I had to physically restrain him at one point from touching her any longer. THIS is finally what harshed our mellow and made us decide to get some wine and sit on his porch.

The wine, good. The porch, nice. The remaining snacks, excellent. The hot and heavy make out that occurred on his office chair… holy hotness! We were dealing with dog issues. My dog had never been to his house, had never met his cat. His cat had never met a dog. So, we kept the dog in the office with us, until it came to the point of turning the make out session up a notch to getting laid. We looked at eachother and started to mull it about and I could see that all the thinking was killing the mood, so I just opened the door and allowed the dog access to the entire apartment. Type Geek was very concerned but in the end, other than whining every few hours because we had locked the dog out of the bedroom while we fucked, it was uneventful.

Speaking of fucking…. the SKYN¬†condoms ROCK!!! A little too much in fact. Do expect that your partner may come VERY quickly the first go round, if they are only used to latex. There is a lot of natural feeling with these things. The second go around was better, we both knew what to expect with them and were able to gauge what was going on so that it wasn’t a quickie when we wanted something more drawn out.

The next morning we woke to the dog cuddling beside us. She had crawled under the chair that was blocking the doorway and up into bed. The dog on my left, Type Geek beside me and his cat on his right, under the covers and by his feet. Everyone naked, snoozing and at peace. No bloody dog or hissing cat. Fabulous!

I left after some coffee so that he could get some work done. The pup and I headed to the local grocery shop for some ready-made sushi, aka lunch, and were strolling to the train when Cooper Fiennes texted me. He lives close to Type Geek and was headed into the city, so we decided to meet up and travel in together. Charming as ever, we spent an hour walking around in the sun and then smooched by the station as I headed home.

Overall, an excellent weekend. Hardly what I would call pining behaviour. 

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What an interesting week I had! I got laid 3 times, in 4 days… by two different¬†men. One, uber¬†needy and slighty stalkeresque. The other, unexpectedly fabulous. But again, wow, no sex for MONTHS…and then 2 men in 4 days. I feel so… dirty, no. Naughty? No. Hmm, what is that word? Oh, relieved. Ha! YES, that IS what I feel.

In a week so much has changed though.¬†Mr. Lawyer McBratty, whom¬†I slept with on Wednesday night and whose bedroom skills fell into the category of pleasant mediocrity, was just TOO much to bear in terms of personality flaws. He began systematically insulting everything I was passionate about if he didn’t understand it or like it. From my musical tastes to my spiritual and philosophical leanings to my relationships with animals. He said that I was intelligent with good common sense, so why was I being irrational in my interests? He was being argumentative in order to make my arguments more precise, he explained. Oh, I thought it was to ensure that he would never get laid again. Needless to say, but, he is completely out of the picture in only 6 days!

Type Geek has won himself the gift of regular sex after taking a surprise turn from shy non move maker to my new oral sex rock god. Can we all say hallelujah?! All hail the man who can get me to curl up in a ball and break into hysterics. (Does anyone else out there laugh hysterically when they cum? Am I an anomaly?)

Now, the bookends. In my weekend post I mentioned having chatted up a hot McHotty from Spain on the dating site and arranging to have coffee with him on Saturday afternoon, prior to my date with Type Geek. The hottie, in person, was even hotter than he was in virtual 2-d. Yes, I keep saying hot. A mix of Bradley Cooper and Ralph Fiennes, I nicknamed him Cooper Fiennes. We had a great few hours together on Saturday. Very easy to spend time with him.

My date with Type Geek spanned the Saturday evening into Sunday early afternoon. Evening and morning sex, multiple meals, and lots of time spent naked in bed. An excellent pinnacle to the weekend. I spent a few hours at home on Sunday, wrote a post for this blog, showered, ate a real meal and then I received an email from Cooper Fiennes. He was in the city with his childhood best friend, a man visiting from Spain. If I was in the city, would I like to meet up with them for coffee? The dog and I decided that coffee was a great idea, if it meant strolling around with a dangerously handsome man who finds me attractive.

His friend was a darling man. I bought all of us coffee and we sat in the sun with my dog. The boys even took turns walking her, something they found entertaining because of her inherent youthful exuberance. When she and I walked them to the train and said our ciao’s, she whined frantically as they ascended the escalators to the platform. They had made quite the impression on my little girl. It was a nice end to a very fun, very sexy weekend. Great sex bookended by coffee with a gorgeous foreigner. Yes, please.

Now, the new week has begun. It has already begun to fall into place. I had a re-exam by my dentist, you may remember him as the youngster who likes rough sex… but later admitted that it was only because he was trying to emotionally protect himself. He is a doll…and now, he is my dentist. He graduates in a few short weeks and will be moving to Minnesota¬†sadly, so, we have three appointments this week in order to ensure he has completed all my fillings prior to his getting signed off and cleared for diploma. In addition to that, I was going to go to NYC to see my Virtual Sex Guru pal present an art piece he has been working on, however, things fell apart at the 10 o’clock¬†hour. With a sudden free evening, Cooper Fiennes¬†has stepped up for a night of cocktails and the cinema. Saturday is an outdoor music festival with Type Geek and my pooch, with a high potential for naughtiness later that evening. The topper of the week,¬†however, is this. Guess who started texting the hell out of me this afternoon? Guess who really wants to see me and have lunch. Guess who might need to wait til next week. If you said Brooklyn, you would be correct. My feelings for him have not changed, however, until HIS ability to process and respectively assimilate his feelings for me into his life, in a way other than how he has been doing it the last couple of months, I refuse to jump through hoops and make myself available at his whim. I will not contort my reality in order to fit him in. It’s not my job.

Sigh. I think this may be a very interesting summer. A hot summer fling with a divorced Spanish man who is unnecessarily good-looking, regular naughtiness with an ocd designer, and the myriad of other men who may happen upon my lap, or I upon theirs, in the coming months. May we all have some adventures worth talking about.

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The last few days have been rather interesting. If you have been reading chronologically, you already know that I finally got laid. Well, Mr. Bratty McLawyer is worse than any goddamn lesbian I ever dated. We had sex Wednesday night, Thursday I had errands and at one point he texted me and asked what I was doing, I explained that I was at a specialty grocery store. Now, just because this store is in his neighborhood, does NOT mean he should come and surprise me. Maybe he was so enamored by our mutual lack of orgasms that he needed to see me again, less than 12 hours from when he dropped me off at my home. So, he surprised me by turning a corner and appearing. Cute-ish, I guess. Now, the next day, I spent several hours consoling my ex girlfriend who is in an AWFUL relationship. After such an exhausting conversation with her there was a great need for a relaxing bath and the huge macaroon I had bought the night before. Stripped down, I stepped in. Within 45 seconds of settling into the tub and shoving a huge piece of the macaroon into my mouth, a text message came through.¬† Bratty McL was checking in, wondering what I was doing. Just stepped into a nice relaxing hot bath I replied. What are YOU doing, I asked back. His response aggravated the living hell out of me. “About to join you in the bath” he replied. Umm, wtf? Huh? THEN my buzzer rang. Are you fucking kidding me? Who comes over without an invitation?! I ended up getting out of the tub, dressing, and walking over to a local bar for a cocktail. Now, aside from the fact that he showed up uninvited, and pulled me from a relaxing soak, when the bill came, he had me chip in for my one cocktail.¬† Hmm, you think you might be able to buy me an $8 cocktail when you inconvenience me? Maybe? Grrr. Finally I get to go home…alone. Hours late, and not in the mood, he shows up on-line and starts instant messaging me. I had considered going out to a huge arts event that night, but after feeling run down and bombarded by other peoples psychic drama, the idea of a large group of strangers was less than appealing. I was bored though, so I strolled the online sites and found a deadly handsome man, who had just relocated from Barcelona, to chat with. He looked like a cross between Bradley Cooper and Ralph Fiennes and was utterly charming. As Mr. Cooper Fiennes and I were discussing meeting up the following day, I was trying to end my chat with Bratty McLawyer. I told him I was going to bed, he then asked to call me, so that he could say hear me say goodnight. Ugh, GAG. I told him that my phone was charging in the other room and that I was unable to call him at the moment, so a virtual goodnight would have to do. I could hear his whining tone in the way he typed his disappointed, “fine, okay, goodnight then.”¬† He is needy AND annoying. The self-righteous and condescending attitude hasn’t disappeared. After knowing that I love trip hop AND that I have numerous friends who are DJ’s, he suggested that surely I don’t really like DJ’s, since I appreciate serious musicians like Pat Methany? I must be joking.¬† Ok, now you must go away. Really?! So, electronic music ISN’T music now?! Really? Goodnight Bratty.

The next day I had an appointment across the river. I texted Cooper Fiennes to let him know that I would be out of my meeting by 2:30, if he was interested in grabbing a coffee then. The weather was amazing and the idea of great conversation on a patio with an attractive man was splendid. We met outside Starbucks. First impression in person… even sexier than he looks on-line. He is working in medicine, plays music, has great taste in music, including electronic acts, is stunning…with the type of bone structure that takes your breath away. So HOT. Always a pleasant surprise when the date is hotter than their pictures, especially when their pics are already pretty goddamn good! We walked around, laughed, talked music, talked business…both his and mine, talked art and his soon to be ex-wife. Amicable split, still good friends. Is he looking for love? Not particularly. He is in town for a residency fellowship and, in 6 months, he may move back to Spain. Hot summer fling with a sexy guy from Barcelona until then? Why the hell not?! We spent 4 hours together and I suddenly realized it was 6 pm. I was supposed to be back in the same neighborhood at 8 for my drinks and movie with Type Geek. I had to get home, wax, walk and feed the dog, change and get back to the same place I was at that very moment…in 2 hours. I bid adieu to Cooper Fiennes and hustled home.

I realized upon arriving home that not only did I NOT have enough time to wax, but that even if I did… my skin wouldn’t be relaxed anytime that evening. So, my “Just in case we end up making out hot and heavy” wax turned into a bathtub soak and …shudder…. shave. EEEK. I made it out the door and back to meet Type Geek around 8:15. Not too bad! Now, Type Geek has been rather shy with me. Interested, I have presumed, but shy. Not very physically aggressive. Granted, I haven’t been fully falling at his feet, but I have been leaving him openings. On our last date, I finally kissed him. I then told him that he didn’t need to wait for me to kiss him next time. He promised he wouldn’t. So, I was curious what would happen this evening.

He popped the wine and began making some snacks for us. We sat and chatted at the kitchen table, drinking wine, listening to music, occasionally googling something that came up in conversation…but never discussing the movie. I touched his arm or back or chest or head…several times, no moves. Sigh. Ok. FINE. Hours ticked by. We scrolled his iTunes library and laughed at some of the old school tunes he had, like stuff from Anthrax, whom I loved as a teenager. I’m standing 5 inches away from him. Is he just interested in me as a friend? If so, that’s fine… but what is going on here? At 1:5o am, roughly 5.5 hours since he picked me up at the train, I consider that all hope is lost. I resign myself to this. We joke about his unmanly amounts of shoes and he tells me of a pair that are so ghastly, his friends ridiculed him the only 2 times he wore them, so now, they live in the closet. I asked to see them and he retreated to the bedroom closet to find them. A minute goes by and I followed after. I climbed onto the bed and started petting his cat while he dug out the shoes. When they appeared, I agreed with the response of his friends. Just then, his cat runs off. I stay sprawled out on the bed. I am tired and the bed is really cozy… there is not incentive to leave. We keep chatting and then he begins picking cat hair off my shirt. In my mind I think, yeah, friends. He is picking cat hair off my shirt…not kissing me and here I am laying on his bed. 5 minutes of cat hair picking and he finally decides to kiss me. Bravo Type Geek!

He doesn’t stop at kissing me though… and I decide to go with it. He’s a really nice guy and a great kisser so I decide to ignore the physical road blocks I do have and just enjoy whatever is going to happen. Is he shooting for 2nd or 3rd base tonight? Within a half hour, I am mostly nude. Within an hour, I am singing the praises of all the great things he can do with his mouth and within an hour and a half… I am having sex again. Whoa. nothing for 6 months and then….2 men in 4 days?! EEEK! Ok, feeling a LITTLE trashy, but I will get over it. Especially since McBratty Lawyer is NOT getting anymore sex from me. The sun is coming up when we finish and we sleep for a few hours. His cat wakes me up by burrowing into the back of my thighs and overheating me from the sheer amount of warmth coming off its furry little body. Half awake but sleepy, I shuffle away from the cat and cozied into Type Geek’s chest, absent-mindedly petting his bare skin with my free hand as I laid there. Eventually the petting became mutual, and less absent-minded. After 2 hours of lazy but intense foreplay we went for a 2nd go around. Sunday morning sex truly is great, not having to get up and be anywhere, laying in bed naked for hours afterwards… what a relaxing way to spend a morning. We finally gave in and got out of bed. I needed to get home to my pooch and we both desperately needed some coffee so we got dressed, ran to the Whole Foods, grabbed some coffee and then he gave me a ride home before venturing out for his afternoon bike ride with friends.

I honestly did not think that Type Geek would come through last night. I especially did NOT think he would venture towards sex, since we hadn’t even had a hot and heavy frustrating make out session yet. Above both of those however, I had never considered that HE would be so good in bed or that I would go to bed with him since there were a couple things I was on the fence about with him. Well, damn, if you can push my buttons and get me to curl up in a ball and laugh out loud, you have done a fine job. Type Geek had me laughing my ass off. He done good.

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I woke up yesterday morning with some errands planned and a tentative date scheduled for the evening. He is someone whom I talked to a bit in December and then lost touch for a few weeks until the end of January. We agreed earlier in the week to have a loosely scheduled date in the 6:30 ish realm for Saturday night. No hard defined plans. Honestly, I was not feeling like it though and was hoping that I didn’t hear from him. He had suddenly become a Plan B.

After my meet-up turned date on Friday afternoon I found myself thinking a lot about Brooklyn Boy. I hadn’t met anyone whom I immediately felt an ease and comfort with like I did in his company. It seemed as if we had known each other for years as our rapport was so natural and unforced. He Google IM’d me around 9 pm and we spent several hours chatting online before I told him MY big “secret”. His response to my news, that I was just coming out of over a decade of lesbian exclusivity, was one of¬† surprise but not offense.¬† Most people aren’t offended per se, but there are preconceived beliefs that can interfere with someone’s attempts at getting to know me for who I am, which isn’t only as someone with a queer slant to my sexuality. Maybe it’s the New York in him, he isn’t fazed by much. He wants to see me on Saturday, if I am available. This is WHY my original date became my Plan B, as Brooklyn Boy suddenly took over top billing. I decided that if I didn’t hear from Plan B by 2 pm on Saturday, Brooklyn would win the spot.

So, I woke up as my 25-year-old texted me, hung over from a party the night before. I’m in need of distraction and ask him if he wants to tag along with me on my errands. We met an hour later, watched enough of the DVR’d Olympics to see the luger die and I dragged him out of his apartment. I couldn’t watch the news coverage, it was just too dreadfully sad. Meanwhile, I kept hoping I didn’t hear from Plan B.

We wandered around the city, grabbed some sesame balls from Chinatown, picked up my duvet cover, bought some dog food and then wrapped up our early afternoon adventure at a caf√© with some latte’s, cinnamon tortilla chips and sea-salted caramels. 2 pm had come and gone and Brooklyn Boy had texted me and agreed to pick me up at my place at 4:30. A new hair conditioner I used in the morning had turned my hair into a bad science experiment show and tell exhibit so I had an hour to rush back to my place to rewash my hair and be ready.

The train was delayed. Tick Tock Tick Tock. Argh. I texted him begging that he please not be early. As I was hitting send, he texted me letting me know he would be roughly 20 minutes late. Score! I finally made it home, fed the dog, washed my hair and changed three times before taking the dog out for a quick last walk before he arrived.

A few minutes later he arrives in his family van, a sign of a parent with two young kids, and we decide to go into the city and figure out our plan from there. He’s still cute and I’m still intrigued. Sometimes the initial interest wanes after you go home after a date but it didn’t with him. I want his story. We are both obsessed with stories about people, we have similar projects we are planning on working on that are built around the stories of people you pass by every day and never think much about. Everyone has a story worth telling and being heard.We find a parking spot with a 2 hour limit but 2.5 hours until it switches over to free. We make note to stop back by later. Since his soon to be declared ex-wife doesn’t drink, he doesn’t get the opportunity to go out for cocktails much so we decide to start there. We each had a Dark and Stormy, chatted, laughed, people watched and then another round and some kisses and some more laughing and then a final 3rd round. Starting so early with the cocktails and having had so little to eat earlier in the day had us both a little pie eyed. We left and realized the time. Surely he had a ticket. We hesitantly walked by the family van and SCORE again, no ticket. That NEVER happens on this particular street. We look at each other quizzically and decide that to go to a little book store caf√© down the street, maybe grab a bite and a cup of tea, sober up some.

Somehow we ended up sitting on the floor in the far aisle of the bookstore against a stack of unpopular books. I say they are unpopular because we sat there for 4 hours and only 3 people walked by the entire time. 3 people whom we chatted up and exchanged info with. Over the span of time we were sprawled on the floor we varied in position, at times I had my head in his lap as we looked through books, other times he leaned into me, or we faced each other, legs entwined and backs against opposing shelves.¬† The people who we met, one of them asked how long we had been together, how we had met. We laughed. When we confessed they looked shocked. They said that we appeared to have known eachother for years. We looked at eachother and smiled, it felt like that.We sat there on that floor for 4 hours like an old couple, punctuating moments with kisses, absent-minded caresses and laughter. He showed me illustrators he liked, I showed him a book of poems by Neruda, whom he had never read. He reads out loud. It’s nice, comforting, inclusive. I can not remember the last time I had felt such an ease with another person.

Eventually the bookstore threw us out because they were closing. he had a long drive back home so we decided to get back to the car and get me home. Only, we sat and talked, and talked, and stared at each other and laughed and kissed for 2 more hours. When we finally looked at the clock and saw that it was past 2, we untangled ourselves from our embrace and got serious about getting me home. Parked in front of my condo, I suggested I grab the dog for her last pee, and so he could meet her. In addition to kids, he also has a big cumbersome male dog. My pooch barely let me out the door before she had dragged me across the sidewalk and practically tackled him. She spent 15 minutes engrossed in him and the delicious scents of his family van. It’s a treasure trove of dropped kid snacks and dog cookie crumbles. We laughed at her and said our good nights. I made him promise to text me when he has arrived home safely.

I spent the next 2 hours chatting via IM with varying friends who happened to be online. We talk about him, I send over pics to them. Everyone approves, some worry about the complications of his current status. I counter that we all have baggage, some hide it better. His however, is completely in view. No apologies, it is, what it is. He has kids, he is in the process of getting divorced and for some reason something in my profile resonated with him and made him sign up to meet me. I consider that a gift. A fabulously unexpected gift.

Today is Valentine’s Day. Brooklyn Boy just texted me that he misses me. Is it okay that I find this sweet and not unnerving? I guess I like him too, so it’s okay. I have an Anti-Valentine’s Day date scheduled with my 25-year-old tonight but I am tired and really want to clean my house. I am also feeling a little run down. I am going to see if he minds a rain check. I would rather get some laundry done, take some Motrin (thank you period for arriving this morning), and watch I Love You, New York with my pup and some take out pho. I hope he understands.

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