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Type Geek sends me a text tonight using something I lent him 10 months ago as an excuse for trying to meet up. Really? Are you a total moron Type Geek. The timing is interesting. I’m wondering if he perhaps saw Hot Virginia (need a good name for him, don’t know)and I on Friday night. We WERE in his hood, it’s possible. You snoozy and ignory for year and a halfy and you lose-y.

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I had two dates this past week that I was looking forward to, both men traveling through Boston. The science geek from San Diego and the designer from Virginia. I will make part of the details brief, because one of them barely deserves the mention.

San Diego is the most contrary and obstinate of men. He walked in strong, being tall and handsome with okay style… really, all he needed to do was not say anything dumb. Alas, everything he said was dumb and, unlike most scientists who are fixated on fact, he liked to argue inarguable points, such as Barcelona being located in the North Eastern region of Spain. Apparently, his once being in a region to the North West of it suddenly relocated Barcelona to the South Eastern part of the country. I had to pull up a map on my iPhone to get him to stop arguing, and then, he responds, well, it is South East of where I was. That is like calling Westchester UPSTATE New York cause you live in Manhattan.

At 7:08 pm on Friday night, Virginia appeared at my door. I stepped out, we looked at each other and each of us knowingly smiled. A hug and kiss on the cheek began our 7 hour date. At no time was there awkward silence, uncomfortable conversation, frustration or misunderstandings. There was no needing to find a way to relate, we just did. He genuinely complimented me throughout the evening in a way that was gentlemanly but also cheeky and flirty. We drank, laughed, talked seriously about our exes, our lives, and life. After our great dinner, we went next door to a great bar and grabbed a back booth and continued. It felt like I have always known him and it was extremely comfortable. I kicked my heels off towards the end of the evening and put my feet beside him on the booth, to which he grabbed my feet and started massaging them. Really?! Thank you! At some point, after he had been running his hand along my feet and ankles for an hour, I needed him closer, so partly to have an excuse, and partly because it was so loud in there, I told him to sit next to me because I couldn’t hear him. A little while later, we were looking at a YouTube video on my phone and, when our heads were really close, I turned to him and said, “you can kiss me if you’d like.” Of course he would like. So, some smooches in the booth, then in the car as we waited for it to heat up, then outside my house as he was dropping me off. As I was getting out of the car, he called me back over to him and gave me one more smooch. Sigh. When I got out of that car and walked to my door, the night seemed a little less dark.

By the way, we have another date for Wednesday and YES, I am MAJORLY crushing on him.

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I’ve had an interesting few days. A date with a reserved Slavic by way of Canada, some continued light Internet flirting and chatting with a science minded geek in San Diego who will be coming through Boston for business and a mid week dinner date of Ethiopian with moi, as well as some unexpected heavy Internet flirting with an uber hot design geek from Va who travels through my area a couple times a month, the next trip being a few days from now, which ends my week sitting across from him at a sushi spot. I could think of worse ways to end my week.

Well, now you are wondering why I have dates with two men that live far away. Impossible situtions you say. Except that when you factor in how much I saw Type Geek when he was juggling clients and travel, what’s the difference? If I see one of them once a month, that beats some of Type Geek’s scheduling. And with the hot, did I say HOT, VA design man coming through my area a couple times a month anyway, well, that isn’t bad to start. After researching them both , aka “googling”, both are decent guys but the heavy crush falls on VA. I feel slightly weird about that because he’s in the same field as Type Geek and is maybe even more well known and/or successful and… also bald. Luckily he doesn’t harbor any of the Slave Leia fetish fantasies, so I won’t have nights of roleplaying any geek boy “obi wan, save me” storylines. Not that roleplaying isn’t fun, it is, but sci-fi & fantasy scenarios just don’t get ME off. Nonetheless, Apparently I have a thing for hot bald designer geeks. I think it is the way this particular subsect of designers, such as the Type Geeks and Hot VA’s of the design world, how they look at and think about the world. Regardless the reason, Hot VA is an evening I am quite looking forward too. Now I need to squeeze in a wax, manicure and a bang trim… cause you never know.

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