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How did I NOT freeze my bits off? Was it because they were numb from the pain of hot wax and the yanking of hair? Today was the coldest day of the winter thus far, not the type of day I like to be out walking around while running errands. Ending it by stripping down and being humiliated by hot wax and gloved hands as my waxer begs me to bring in the hottie for her to meet, isn’t exactly a highlight either. Just how am I supposed to do that? Hey McHottie, while I was getting the hair yanked off my girly bits, I happened to mention to my waxer that you are one of the most beautiful men I have ever known and now she wants to meet you? Probably NOT going to happen.

I spoke with him earlier today, via text, the Peruvian I mean. I was in his neighborhood and we chatted about beverages but his schedule was too insane. I told him that he needed to check his mail, as I sent him something that should have arrived.

Just incase you all aren’t fully on the same page, today’s wax was a wishful wax for a Thursday night of feistiness. Are we all still meditating on this for me? I need all the good positive energy you can direct towards me and this cause.

Before my wax I met up with the Asian man (with two dogs) at a local cafe. His energy was a little erratic and brisk. I had been sitting by a window working on my business plan revamp when he arrived and approached me.  When picking up his mocha from the barista station he grasped it to hard and caused the cup to cave in on itself in such a way that it splashed out onto the counter and some of the packaged snack bars beside him. I grabbed a handful of napkins and handed them to him, making an assumption that he would proceed to clean up some of the mess he made. When I saw that he was focused on wiping off his cup only and had begun to walk away from the mess, leaving it for the workers to clean, I grabbed some towels and proceeded to clean it up myself. He did not say thank you. We talked about our dogs, the various medical conditions and treatments that they have all been through, and my business.  The rest of our conversation fades into the abyss. He isn’t remarkable, doesn’t look like his photos and has very little engaging personality. He lacked warmth and on a cold day, I was looking for warmth, not Mr. Frigidaire. Needless to say, there will not be a second date.

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What a long day! I did a bit of work early in the day and then had a coffee date with the Aussie Vegan. Cute but young, with a great accent. We talked for a long time about our individual businesses and how our personal ethos work within our businesses and the world outside. Spark? Nope. However, he is definitely someone I would like to hang out with as friends in the future. Bright kid and I think he has an amazing future ahead of him. We drank coffee for a couple hours and then I walked him to the train station and met up with my artist friend who works around the corner.

I found out tonight that my friend’s coworkers call me his stalker. Amusing, since the last 2 years that I have been coming in, I have been a flag waving lesbian. His colleagues find it funny that I come in and we talk for hours on end. It must be something insidious, right? I did consider him an option, for a moment, in the fall though. Right after I had started thinking about men, prior to my crush and subsequent exploratory trip to the Pac NW, I sent him a Facebook message that somehow never made its way to him. I was asking him out for a drink, which he claims, all men consider a clear and definitive “get busy” kind of signal. I had no idea that all I had to say was, “Hey, wanna have a drink?” and that it could be so powerful. unfortunately, or fortunately, the message never went through and our friendship has stayed happily un-awkward. Besides, if I had been blurring up the picture he would not have met this gorgeous complete package that he fell, “arse over tit” for a few weeks ago. He beams when he talks about her. It’s a beautiful sight! I am so very happy for him. I would have just used him for cheap experimentation and it would have been weird afterward. Instead, now we can have a great friendship in which we have alcoholic beverages and discuss our various antics, and then he can read this blog and laugh heartily, while breathing a sigh of relief.

Speaking of being arse over tit, he is killing me! Does the hottie Peruvian NEVER check his mail? Come on man, New Year’s is now mere days away. I am getting hot hard wax put on places of my body tomorrow that should rationally NEVER see hot hard wax… and then having it pulled off. Mostly for me, because I hate body hair, BUT I could go longer, I do not need to do it now, UNLESS I can spend New Years wrapped around him like a ribbon. Hot girl, heels, brazilian,WILLING … what more do you need man?!!!

Can we all do a collective silent meditative chant this morning asking McHottie Peruvian to check his mail and open the pretty envelope, read the pretty invite and respond to the hot girl who pasted that invite with her own little fingers? Thank you everyone.

This afternoon finds another coffee date after a client meeting, the dog owning Asian gentleman, and then my wax. McHottie’s house is 5 minutes from my waxing appointment. Sigh.

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I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about the coming week. I had made a hair and a waxing appointment in hopes that I would hear from the hottie, but I had no dates in sight. Then, suddenly in the matter of a few hours I have 4 with the potential for another. All afternoon dates, which I find easier because you can escape them if they are going poorly. The Aussie vegan anarchist, an ex reformed Jew with mussed up hair, a dog loving asian gentleman and someone training for a marathon. The 4th potential is the Jewish Dad. I am not actively seeking Jewish men, I just happen to find them adorable and then find out they are Jewish. Is there something wrong with that? On top of all of this, I check my email to find that the hottie Peruvian is no longer possible McDouche, because he emailed to say Hello. Yay. I might just have a New Year’s Eve reason for that wax after all!

I did get my daily astrology.com love tarot and again it was that damn King of Pentacles. I get it, I do. So, present me universe with one thing that is viable and perhaps this blog will change its focus from dating many to dating one. However, until you provide a man who can handle me and be handled by me or a clear path back to women, stop taunting me with the King of Pentacles.

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