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His asking for advice about something semi work related.

Heavy flirtation via text.

Some naughty thoughts from both of us.

A potential date for the end of the week.

Cautiously optimistic indeed.

On the health front, still staying fairly on track. Closed at the restaurant two nights in a row and then was too exhausted to get up early and hit the gym before my Saturday night shift. Had to work brunch this morning and by the time I got off work, all I had the energy for was taking the pup for a walk and a ten minute phone conversation with Type Geek. Gym is on the itinerary for tomorrow morning. Tonight’s dinner is spiced pepper quinoa with pinto beans and piri piri marinated wild mackerel tossed with some brown rice pasta.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Drop a line and let me know how you all are doing.

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A stressful 3 months, a new found experiment in cheese making, and winter combined to give me a cheese top, not nearly as flattering as a muffin top. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I have some insane complex about my body now. I’m a chubby sized 6, versus a trimmer sized 4. It’s all good, but, why not use spring as an excuse to do some physical spring cleaning? So, for the next 30 days, or essentially for the month of April, I am walking away from coffee and switching to green tea, I am cutting out the sugar, the processed foods (not that I eat many of those to begin with, but ocassionally those Amy’s Gluten Free frozen meals are easy. ), and I am committing myself to daily workouts. In order to successfully say I lived up to my challenge, I need to complete a minimum of atleast 30 minutes of cardio & or strength training everyday. A yoga class counts. Sex does not. Unless its particularly acrobatic and I’m on top.

In order to make myself even more committed to this,  to put the owness on me to complete this, otherwise you will all be greatly dissappointed in me, I am submitting my weight (oh, the horror!) and my measurements (oh, whatever!). Each day I will report in with my progress and each week I will include my updated measurements. Wish me luck everyone!

weight: 143

bust: 36

chest: 33

waist: 30.5

hips: 39





upper arms:12

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Since Type Geek and I didn’t actually discuss anything about us during our sitdown that turned into date with sex, I’m biting my tongue and trying to keep my mind off of him and us as much as possible. Obviously, I need to come back to him for this post, but I am considering the option that perhaps his not talking, is a better sign than if he actually did rationalize and dissect everything. Perhaps his actions and decisions of that night and the following morning, state more about how he feels about me than any discussion could have. Actions speak louder than words, correct?

I believe it is important to allow him the next move. To allow him to digest that after so many no’s, he made the tiny decisions on Tuesday night to change course, rather than having our discussion, rather than initiating our talk, he chose, after we sat for an hour talking around the elephant in the room, to ask me to dinner, then, hours later, after laughter and discussions on his musical career, his design career, and the history of hip hop, he chose to ask me if I would stay the night. He chose to reach over in the night and ask me to snuggle, then he initiated sex. I did not want the later argument that I had ever coerced or tricked him into getting back together. I merely showed up looking stunning,  I smiled and flirted with cautious optimism. I was loving and open to whatever might occur. I didn’t assume or expect that we would end up in bed, but I waxed just in case. A smart girl is a prepared girl.

So, what now? I’m waiting to call my newest culinary venture and find out if I am working this evening, and if not, I am signing up for a 30 day trial membership at the local Boston Sports Club and opting to workout my body when my mind is bending me inside and out regarding Type Geek. In 30 days, I may have a newly revived love affair with Type Geek, or not, but I will most certainly have a more fit body. With so many things that I have no control over, this is one that I do.

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