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Charlie Sheen doesn’t make me laugh, he doesn’t make me chuckle at his wisdom or ponder his deep thoughts, and I certainly don’t consider him to be… WINNING. I find the saying to be anything but proof of winning. I find people who use his phrases in their daily speech to be slightly sad as well. That’s why it makes me cringe and disappoints me when Type Geek makes some utterly Sheen-esque comment… and finishes it with…”WINNING.” Cause, you know what, it’s the antithesis of winning, in fact.

Tomorrow night he is going to check out the Sheen show, and due to some connection he has, he’s gonna hang out with Sheen after the show. I shudder to consider the ramifications of such actions. Sheen is a fiery ball of a train wreck… going 250 mph at an iron wall…without brakes and no common sense to avert course. All I could say, was be careful. Be smart. Tiger blood? More like diseased plague blood. Can I buy a full body prophylactic for Type Geek, so he doesn’t come into contact with Sheen’s venomous nasties and be tainted forever?

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