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I wasn’t looking forward to meeting the dental student for coffee yesterday. I had been but then our chat the night prior was a buzz kill. His age is a huge red flag, being 9 years YOUNGER is not something I am looking to deal with but there have been things he has said on-line that were surprising and not in line with a boy of his age. So, why did I still meet up, even though I wasn’t feeling it? Having been stood up myself, I find it sucks, even last-minute cancellations. One cup of coffee in public won’t hurt someone. Additionally, we had arranged a quid pro quo for the future. He needs a patient for his dental board exams and I need some cavities filled. Having coffee and letting him drill my teeth doesn’t mean I need to fuck him, so I sighed and went through with our meet up.

Briefly, before I talk of our meeting, let me explain why I had reservations about following through. Online, the first chats are generally light, as you get to know people. The 3rd or 4th starts to show signs of more adult conversations, sex and sexuality as a whole. So, we start talking about our sexual leanings and I am a very open-minded person who has tried many things and realized in the end that sometimes a dish of vanilla is good, but that dish should be Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean. On occasion I like to add some coconut, caramel, and sea salt, perhaps some rosemary or citrus zest. Hell, even bacon. But, you can’t go wrong with good old plain hot sexy rich vanilla. So, he states that he ONLY likes rough sex. ONLY. Also, that he never lets a girl top him. Sex games can be great fun, as long as the emphasis is on FUN. If you aren’t doing it out of a mutual desire to enjoy and respect your partner, their body, and their boundaries , then it isn’t fun. Now, I suggested that his need for control might stem from the facts that he is a student without much control over his day-to-day life, his father handles his finances, pays his bills, etc. so perhaps it was the one time he felt he could be in control. He denied this but then later hinted at having been hurt by women in earlier relationships and this resentment being part of why he only has rough sex now, it detaches him. So, his sexual lifestyle is based on showing women what he can do and how in control he is, rather than them. He enjoys spanking and choking during sex as well. I think his style and his reasons are potentially volatile. I worry for him, that if he isn’t able to allow himself to trust and open up to a sexual partner, someone might get hurt. So, with all of this said, he is not in the running for a hot sex partner, but I’ll help him out with the exam and perhaps we will be friends.

When he arrives, I am already sitting in the back room and drinking my coffee. First physical impression, very cute. Adorable in fact. Holy dimples. I find it hard to believe that this cute thing is all about rough grudge fucking. Sad. We talk for an hour and the conversation is great, so good in fact, that I wish I had other info on him. If he was a huge snuggly thing that just liked regular sex, he could be very fun. He texted me later and asked if I had fun with him at our coffee date. I didn’t lie, I did. He’s charming.  But he is too risky.

I ran home, late, walked the dog, fed her, myself and jumped in the shower… late. Then a public transportation delay and late. But sweet goodness, my Future Lawyer who wants to save the world, was also late! Sigh of relief. Sometimes the unpredictability of public transportation is fantastic. We met at a bookstore café and then walked down to a small club listen to some jazz. This place has been in business for nearly 70 years. Great little hole in the wall.

We had four cocktails and great conversation. He’s studying for his bar this year, he is an RA at his university, he likes his parents and respects that I don’t like mine. (Shhh, he’s a Jew too, of course, duh) We eventually kissed and the boy has some great lips. So, we left, and thought about going somewhere else, only to realize that everything closes early in this town anyway. We made out for a while outside but it was freezing, we then decided to walk through the closed mall in an attempt to warm up while we planned out next move. It turned out that our next move involved an hour of making out on a bench in the mall, partially hidden by shrubbery in their faux indoor garden, we were mostly incognito. We hit 2nd base easily and it was fun. THEN, as things were more and more heated, and I leaned back a bit on the bench so he could lean into me, I put us just enough in view, that the security guard walking by saw us. Needless to say we were halted and thrown out of the mall by a mall cop younger than both of us. I would have been humiliated had it not been so damn hot.

We parted ways at the cab stand outside and texted each other a few pleasantries of what a great night it was and how we really enjoyed each other before sleep hit at 3:45 am.

Now, 12 hours later, I am meeting a 37 year old professional photographer for coffee, and running late because of the writing of this post.

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I knew walking into this one that we were not matched, but he was such a nice guy and I really felt like I should say yes to a coffee date. Who knows, right? I have been wrong before , umm, hottie wasn’t vapid, remember? So, I had some errands in the area he was going to be in and offered up that if he wanted to accompany me on my errands then he could have me for a few more minutes than I would have to spare otherwise. He agreed and we met at the bookstore, which happened to be convenient since it was also one of my stops. I couldn’t find what I wanted there so we passed and headed off down the road, battling the arctic tundra, to the pet store for my dog’s frozen raw bison. Can we all get a synchronized “nomnomnom”? Yeah, not really. I get it. After we ran those two errands we settled in for some tea at Peets. He told me about his vasectomy last week (thanks for that visual buddy!), how his dad was murdered (wtf?!), how he has a grandchild already at 42 (wtfwtf?!), and that he loves hunting! Umm, great. Thanks for playing. I gotta pee dude. Be right back. Oy

Funny enough,while I am in the rest room (am I really resting in there or should it be more aptly called the avoidance room ?!) my phone alerts me to an incoming text. Gavin Depp from last night is saying, “Hi ya. What’s up with your day”, me “Just running errands and finishing tea at Peets”, gd “My office is around the corner”, me “swell, I’ll drop by with a hot chocolate for you”.

I come out of the bathroom and let Mr. Vasectomy Hunter Guy (Funny that now, he’s shooting blanks at the game he hunts. HE HE He h… That was not funny, I know. he he?) know that I had a business meeting I needed to get to shortly and that I had a great time, that it was great of him to come out and meet me for “coffee”. I then ordered Gavin Depp a hot choco and myself another tea and wandered over to his place. It was amazingly cold, by the way.  With the windchill… single digits. I walk for what feels longer than necessary and find myself at a street with a half missing street sign. The part missing will determine whether this is the street I need to walk down. 2 cars ignore my motioning, 2 stop but have no clue and another stops, identifies the street (the one I need, thankfully) and then proceeds to chastise and scold me for being in the middle of the street. Umm, hey buddy, you turned the corner as I was talking to the driver of another car. Should I have been 15 feet away and shouting? I digress. he was, quite obviously, a douche bag.

I get to Gavin Depp’s place, am introduced to his employees as they are running out the door, and settle myself into a big “executive” office chair as I watched him finish up his work. He rolled my chair over to him while he finished up and I hand fed him bacon chocolate in between calls.  That smile of his makes you want to throw him against a wall. It’s THAT sexy but also quite sweet and innocently charming, at the same time. So bad.

He takes his last call and sits back, looking at me for a bit. He is very cunning in his acts of seduction, although they can be seen through, the manner in which he executes them is slightly endearing and not at all creepy. “It’s been a long day, come lay with me for a bit”.  Of course he wants to make out. I am not naive. I am a oversexed lesbian coming off a  solid 4 years of celibacy and very interested in exploring men. He could have looked at me and just said, “wanna go to my bedroom and make out for a couple hours?” Ummm, yeah. Of course! The lights go off and he half pretends to want to take a little nap. Really? A nap? I am so onto you buddy. Actually a half hour later I am on him. We make out, its fabulous, I still want to carry his lips around in my pocket and at one point the hand starts navigating under and below the top of the jeans… a playful hand slap occurs. I have to draw a line in the sand. This could go one of two ways and since I am obviously seeing multiple people (I don’t want to be THAT girl) and also because he is oh so very good, I would like to draw this out and if no one else interests me, until we find it unbearable and have to give in or implode.

Did I mention just how very very hot this man is? It’s not legal. It can’t be. Perhaps that is why he works from home. He is a fugitive, in hiding for being far too attractive for the streets of this sad little city.

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