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2 medium-sized lobsters
1 pound of littleneck clams
arborio rice
fresh tarragon
chicken and lobster stock
marscapone cheese
frizzled leeks
roasted garlic
lemon zest
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
40 yellow Daffodils from the cheap asian market
sea salt
and many many smooches.

Brooklyn has never had lobster. How is that possible?! So, I invited him to dinner at the home I am house sitting at and I plan to wow him with my culinary skills. To start? A simple arugula, pine nut, and shaved parmesan salad with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. To end? Pate de Fruit in assorted tropical flavors. To drink? New Zealand S.Blanc from the Marlborough Region. Amazing? Yes, it will be.

I am trying to meet other people. I swear. I am corresponding with several men at the moment but they are all lackluster, or maybe the real issue is that I can’t see the forest when I am looking at this particular tree.

Check out tomorrow’s post for the actual recipe, including measurements, how the meal went AND the rundown on all the men in the periphery. At this moment, I must get into the kitchen. I’m wondering though. Is it torture to let my dog chase the lobsters around while I prep the other stuff? Hmm. That IS an ethical dilemma. Amusing , yes. Mean, maybe.

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