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No, this isn’t about the boy. He is in Jackson Hole freezing his ass off on an action adventure weekend with some of his friends. supposedly coming back home tonight, his travel might be postponed due to a huge snow storm that hit yesterday. Hopefully not, I miss him, but if he doesn’t make it back on my night off, c’est la vie. We have other nights.

The sound I am talking about is the harrowing sound that came when my new roommate added a p.s. to our last email. I was asking him to measure the room for me, so I can decide what goes in storage and what comes with to the apartment. His p.s. though made me rethink everything…

P.s. By the way, I was looking at my O.K. Cupid profile yesterday, and realized that I had made you a favorite at one point. How funny is that? No wonder we got along so well the other day! I guess the OKC algorithm is applicable for roommates too. 😉

Now, he had no idea of knowing it was me when I stopped by, he hadn’t seen a photo in advance. We met, got along, and said cool, you can have it, sure I will take it… THEN he realized I looked familiar and figured out how. But, his confession has me less than thrilled.

Should I still move in? Should I reverse quickly while I have the chance?!

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