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His photos were a little strangely disturbing but I knew that there was NO WAY he actually looked like that in real life. He must have a condition that results in him making a dumb ass face every time a camera is pointed at him. I know many people who suffer from this condition. I am blessed. Years behind the camera taught me how to be in front of the camera without much incident. So, I agree to meet him because he seems like a chill guy with some varied interests and no serious issues except a not so recent divorce and a child. The divorce and the child are a plus actually. At 31, this means that the probability of his wanting another marriage or child anytime soon has been severely reduced. I am stoked. We chat a bit through email and decide to meet for coffee at 2:30 in the neighborhood I’ll be working in today.

I arrive a few minutes before him and use it as an opportunity to use the restroom. When I come out of the restroom I notice him at the condiment station doctoring up his cup of joe. He grabs us a table and I grab a tea and we sit and chat. Conversation flows easily, we start talking about his 3-year-old daughter, my job and what it is that I do, his job in PR and then the exes come into the conversation. We have been sitting there for 1 hr. and 30 min., of course the exes are starting to creep in. Just as we are getting asked to leave, because the café is closing at 4, I spring it on him. I just can’t lie. If you say HE ,in reference to my ex fiancé, I shall correct you. So, I did this and knew that one of two things would occur. We would leave the cafe and he would say that it was nice meeting me and we would part ways OR he would suggest we go somewhere else.

We spent the next 3.5 hours sitting at a bar around the corner that is in the middle of undergoing renovation. Their taps didn’t work so I couldn’t get a dark and stormy, as their ginger beer is on tap (how cool is that but also momentarily annoying) and no coffee, as the coffee machine wasn’t hooked up yet. I ended up with Pinot Grigio, which, far from my favorite is better than the usual swill California Chardonnay’s these types of places have as their house white. Cheekbone Guy had tonic, just tonic. He isn’t a drinker anymore and that is a plus. Speaking of pluses, by the way, he was actually quite attractive in a very Nantucket, plaid Bermuda shorts, chocolate lab kind of way. The cheekbones are, in fact, prominent but not disturbing as they are in his photos. He does have the weird photo affliction I mentioned earlier in the post.  

Overall our date lasted 5 hours which works out to roughly: 2 glasses of wine, one water, 2 tonics, 2 large coffees and 2 large hot teas for the pair of us. I am such a cheap date. We talked about everything you are advised not to; such as, politics, religion, sexuality, addiction, crazy exes, actual financial numbers on our homes, and past relationships. We covered a lot. Sober. While we didn’t get thrown out of any public places for indecent and lewd acts, he was attractive and showed discreet polite flirtation and interest. He commented several times about things he noticed or liked and began the statements with, “if we actually start dating…” we should, you could, it would… He was very nice.

I walked him from the bar to the theatre around the corner where he was meeting his friend. He bent down, hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. That’s cute. No one has done the cheek kiss yet. Produce, check. Rosemary, check. Red roses, check. Leaving me with the tab, check. But no, no cheek kiss. I usually disapprove of such half kisses but it didn’t feel like a peck. It felt like a genuinely nice guy who is respectful and navigating boundaries he believes should exist early on. Bravo.

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We were sitting at the café table, hot chocolate in front of us, talking about the political culture in Pakistan. My bangs had fallen in my eyes and he reached over and brushed them to the side in slow motion, lingering for a moment. It killed me. Why did I love that simple action so much? For someone almost 6 years younger, he has lived more than I will have ever hoped to. Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Guatemala, and… AND he’s not even 30 yet. Future Lawyer wants to save the world and as I sat across from him this afternoon, listening to him talk about his papers, his opinions, his world, I think he might just be able to. 

My dog and I walked him back to his school after our quick meet up. It wasn’t a date, so much as an excuse to see him mid-week. Fib and say that you have errands in the area anyway, and hope that he can get away from his studies for a few minutes. We had a little over an hour. His dimples are ridiculous. His idealism is endearing and his passion, intoxicating. This man will go far in his life.

Now I am home and feeling a bit under the weather. The last few days have been an environmental rollercoaster of weather phenomena. My body has decided that lack of sleep and the uncharacteristic temperature dips and raises are both unkind and so, it is revolting against me and the world, with a slight fever and light dizziness. I am deciding on going to bed in a half hour so that I can be healthy for the rest of the week. Perhaps 4 dates over 3 days WAS a little intense.

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