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So far, of these men I have met on-line, none have been able to take control of the physical situation and make me semi swoony, except for Gavin Depp. His name today however, may be changing to Hottie McDouche. As I mentioned previously, I did a hot beverage drop off and then proceeded to make out with him on his big comfy bed for a couple of hours. There are so many pleasant things I can say about this man and none of them end with me going back to celibacy, believe me. We will get back to this in a moment.

Part of the reason I pulled out the slap down Thursday was because I am casually seeing too many people to feel comfortable bedding down one. The other reason, and probably the most convincing argument, was that I am in between waxes. Yeah, yeah, shave you say. Do you know what happens to a brazilian wax when you shave?! You screw it up and make yourself all itchy and stubbly and ugh! GROSS. I don’t want 5 o’clock shadow on my business. So, I was waxed the day before my trip to The Almighty Jewish Cock and now I am playing the waiting game. It’s a week shy of being long enough to get waxed. Now, that’s actually convenient because on top of both of those reasons…. I started my damn period today. Mother Nature is a big old bitch.

Oh, and why is GD suddenly tip toeing into the Kanye West League of Douchiness? Well, he’s become suddenly quite silent since my saying, hmm, I can’t be THAT girl and be dating several people and sleeping with any of them. I did say how much he turns me on though and that I am really into making out with him…often. Sigh, we shall see.

Tonight I have date two with an ivy league academic turned urban farmer with a love for low-fi indie rock. Let’s see how that goes.

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