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In 7 days, I have spoken to him for 6 seconds. He had traveled away to the cold ass wintry mix of Jackson Hole, Wyoming for nearly 5 days and lost his phone at the airport on his way to frolic with the elks and the huskies. His return flight brought him in after the TSA office was long closed and the next two days had him working in the office out of town, therefore he hadn’t been able to get his phone until this evening. Then, while I finished a riveting conversation about Monsanto and the wide and insidious reach of it’s all-consuming fingers into our homes, our stomachs, and our government, with the other table at the Pho restaurant, and was paying my check, he rang. I quietly answered and asked him if I could call him right back. He said of course, yet didn’t answer when I did. Perhaps he fell asleep on the couch, but I called back only 12 minutes later.

Do I miss him, because I love him?


Do I love him, because I miss him?

After a long nap, and a text message from me telling him to enjoy his brunch with his family and that I was sorry we missed each other, I ate the remainder of my cold duck salad and watched Love and Other Disasters on Netflix. At one point Brittany Murphy’s character Jacks is having a conversation with her best friend and flatmate Simon in which he asks her the age-old question: 

“Who can honestly say they will always love you?” asks Simon

“Whitney Houston.” replies Jacks, very matter of factly.

“Yeah, when she’s high on crack.” retorts Simon.

Perhaps we can give Simon the point on that one.

 Later on she says… “Love isn’t always a lightening bolt… maybe sometimes it is just a choice.”

“Maybe true love is a decision.  A decision to take a chance with somebody. To give to somebody without worrying whether they will give anything back or whether they are going to hurt you or if they really are the one. Maybe love isn’t something that happens to you, maybe it’s something you have to choose.”

RIP Brittany Murphy. Thank you for my evening lesson… that, as Simon says at the end, ” True love is a process, not an event.”

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Anatomy of a Decade

We met for drinks and rosemary french fries. Conversation was nice, he is adorable, yet every time I looked at him, I thought of this:

1975– Weather Underground bombs State Dept in DC, Wheel of Fortune debuts, Watergate, Rocky Horror Picture Show opens on Broadway, Vietnam War, Bill Gates founds Microsoft, Saturday Night Live debuts, several countries declare independence from Portugal, Drew Barrymore and I are born. World population is 4,068,109,000

1976-US vetoes UN resolution calling for an independent Palestinian state, Apple Computer Company is formed, Tiananman riots, The Ramones release first album, Jimmy Carter wins presidency, Legionnaires disease first surfaces, U2 forms in Dublin highschool, Bob Marley is asassinated, Saul Bellow wins Nobel prize in literature and Audrey Tautou is born.

1977– Commodore computer is released, snow falls for the only time in history in Miami, Star Wars opens in cinemas, The Clash are formed, Apple ll computers released, The NYC blackout and Summer of Sam serial killings, Elvis Presley and Groucho Marx die, Orlando Bloom and Chris Martin of ColdPlay born.

1978-Garfield makes it’s debut, Ted Bundy captured, Larry Flynt shot and paralyzed, first Unabomber attack, first test tube baby is born, Jimmy Carter signs bill into law allowing home brewing of beer and he authorizes the minting of Susan B Anthony dollar, Jim Jones instigates Jonestown cult murder-suicides, Harvey Milk and George Moscone are assasinated, girl “hates Mondays” and open fires on San Diego school, Ashton Kutcher and Nikolai Fraiture of the Strokes are born.

1979-Star Trek: The Motion Picture premieres, Iran Hostage Crisis, 2 families flee East Germany by balloon, ESPN debuts, Michael Jackson releases Off The Wall, Ixtoc 1 oil spill releases upwards of 400+ million gallons of oil into S.Gulf of Mexico, Margaret Thatcher becomes Prime Minister, Three Mile Island nuclear plant disaster, compact discs are created, and Evangeline Lilly of television series Lost is born.

1980– Congress enacts CERCLA a.k.a. Superfunds, John Lennon is assasinated,Ethernet DIX standard is created, Jimmy Carter defeats Ed Kennedy for DNC nomination, RNC drops support of Equal Rights Amendment, CNN is launched, Ian Curtis of Joy Division dies, Pac Man is released, and Elin Nordegren (Woods) is born.

1981– Ronald Reagan becomes president, Walter Cronkite gives last CBS Evening News broadcast, CDC reports first cases of AIDS, Major League Baseball strikes, Sandra Day O’Connor becomes first female Supreme Court Judge, Adam Walsh is kidnapped and murdered, Lady Diana and Prince Charles marry, IBM computer  is released for $1,565 and has a with a 4.77 MHz Intel 8088 processor, Iran Contra Scandal, MTV is launched, and Brandon Flowers of the Killers is born.

1982-Canada gains full political independence from Great Britain, The Weather Channel debuts, Cal Ripken Jr. begins his streak, Equal Rights Amendment falls short on votes and Christian Right take credit, Pan Am flight 759 crashes, Lawn Chair Larry takes flight, First emoticons are released, International Day of Peace is formed, Michael Jackson releases Thriller, the United States goes into a recession, Commodore 64 computer is released, and now famous American Idol contestant Adam Lambert is born.

1983-Vanessa Williams becomes first black woman to be crowned Miss America, Tom Brokaw becomes NBC Nightly News Anchor, Red Hot Chili Peppers release first album, Michael Jackson’s Thriller video debuts, Microsoft Word is released, the DeLorean ceases production, the Chicken McNugget is introduced, MLK,Jr Day is signed into federal law, and Mila Kunis is born.

1984-Apple Macintosh is introduced, Michael Jackson wins 8 Grammys, Pierre Trudeau retires, The longest game in MLB history occurs between Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago White Sox, Virgin Atlantic takes first flight, Vanessa Williams resigns as Miss America over nude photo scandal, Crack Cocaine makes appearance in L.A., Ronald Reagan makes off the cuff joke about bombing Russia…ooops, they were ON THE AIR, and Scarlett Johansson is born.

1985-Minolta releases world’s first autofocus SLR, Mike Tyson has his first pro fight, DNA is first used in a criminal case, Dian Fossey is murdered in Rwanda, Windows 1.0 is released, Calvin & Hobbes debuts,teacher  Christa McAuliffe learns she will ride aboard Space Shuttle Challenger the next year,Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha is found with treasures worth $400 million, South Africa ends ban on interracial marriages, and my date from Wednesday night… was born near Ithaca, New York. World population is 4,830,979,000

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