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Ages right? I guess I have been avoiding you all. There are multiple things I have been hiding, trying to keep for me and me alone.


  1. A crush on a boy I met on the street. Only, after bumping into each other several times over a couple months and even texting one night, it hasn’t gone anywhere.
  2. Some sex-capades and conversations and the like with someone you might not approve of.
  3. A health scare that I haven’t been able to get checked out yet due to lack of insurance, which is a frustrating mess in Massachusetts. Health care for all, my ASS. Been trying for months and my application STILL hasn’t been processed.

So, that’s it. That’s why I have been avoiding you all. I’m not in the mood lately to date as I want/need to figure out this health thing, and frankly, I just don’t have the energy for the douche bags since my dog died. It’s all too much drama.

How is everything else though? My career is still doing more fits than starts. I thought I found the right fit, only to realize that it most certainly is seeming not to be. Difficult week in that regards. I have started exercising again though and even played my first EVER game of basketball. I made two baskets and was told that I am a helluva natural defensive player. Ha. That’s the Brooklyn in me, yo!

I hope everyone is well.


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