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Type Geek has been doing a lot of rain checks lately. A lot. They have grown to become frustrating and boring. I like him, so I put aside time for him. I was surprised to enjoy his company as much as I do, but alas, I do. We were supposed to have a date last Tuesday night, but we rain-checked due to band practice. He then wanted to get together on Wednesday night, but I already had plans. Jesus, World Cup match day, HELLO?! Besides, it isn’t an auto roll over if a night get’s rain checked. I don’t drop all my plans anymore. I did that one day. I had the potential for REALLY hot sex with Cooper Fiennes, totally a hot middle of the afternoon naughty proposition, but because a sexy b-day dinner for  Type Geek’s friend, with the promise of hot sex later loomed, I turned C.F. down. However, loom is ALL the sex did, because Type Geek was spending the night throwing up and curled up in a ball sick. So, I didn’t get laid.

I have infinite patience, if someone communicates with me. IF someone communicates with me. So, instead of rolling our date over to Wednesday night, we agreed to a Saturday afternoon music festival. Laying around in the sun, soaking up the rays, listening to bad 90’s indie-pop-rock. Then the threats of rain came. So, Friday night we canceled those plans. I told him to let me know what he wanted to do instead.

Saturday morning came, I listened to Germany kick ass into the 3rd place position while I cleaned my condo.The afternoon came, no contact from Type Geek. The evening came and finally, come 7 pm, I texted him asking what happened to him.”Oh dear” was his response. Apparently he sent me some sort of text that morning, which I never received. Apparently. He also never contacted me to see what was up, when i didn’t get said message. I grew frustrated. I told him that I was frustrated that I wasn’t getting to see him. That there are times that I really do look forward to seeing him, and when our rendezvous gets canceled, I find myself disappointed. I didn’t hear a response. I think we maybe wrapping up our little affair. I deserve to feel wanted, even in a casual relationship. I don’t think it is malicious on his end, but I do think his behavior may be a little short-sighted.

What do you all think? Kick to the curb? Ask for clarity by asking if things are going on and this recent rash of behavior is only temporary? Shack up with the Spaniard and become an ex-pat? Okay, I vote for 3, but that isn’t a reality. So, opinions?

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