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This one has me stunned. I didn’t know there was a kinky polyamorous Hasidic culture brewing among the twenty somethings in Brooklyn. Plus, the one who IM’s me tonight, he is also a libertarian. He wanted to chat more with me, as he felt an affair with me would tempt him to covet the very things I love, which he is not allowed, such as Bacon Milk Chocolate bars from Vosges, but he was running late for shul! Leave it to me, the trip hop loving, former vegetarian and in flux lesbian, now lover of MOST things meaty, to corrupt a Hasid.

Some former landlords of mine were members of the Brooklyn Hasidim. They were afraid of my dog and always refused to shake my hand. The rent was fantastic though and I could host large parties on a Friday night without concern for unscheduled landlord visits. I may have a fond deep appreciation of the Jewish meat but I prefer mine without beards and peyos (the curled sideburns). While perhaps the very length of their hair could lead to some kinky things involving their wrists tied to their heads, I cannot entertain serious consideration of a sexual nature. As for doing naughty dirty things with those said landlords, no thank you. I’d rather fuck Barbra Streisand in Yentl.

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