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So, I know that I have talked to people on OkCupid when I wasn’t planning on meeting them, because I wasn’t ready to actually break up with Type Geek. Since he took the ax to our most current try, I have actively been making dates. With that said, if you, as a man or woman, ask someone to set aside one of their only evenings that they have free, nearly a week in advance, and you continue to chat them up leading up to the date, do NOT then cancel 7 hours before the date because in the last 24 hours you decided to start exclusively dating someone else. Either a) fulfill the dating commitment and make the choice after the date, or b) as soon as you realize that you REALLY like this other person, not 7 hours prior to a date with another, after you have already gone through the motions with the other person and discussed dating exclusively. If you think it’s going to go that way, don’t make the person you set a date with act as a place holder, just in case. Respect their time. You break dates because you break a bone, you have an emergency come up, work throws something at you last minute, etc. You do not set dates as place holders and break them with under 24 hours notice when you know someone put aside plans with others to make time for you.

Perhaps I should institute a reservation holding policy like restaurants. A credit card goes on file and you get charged if you cancel in under 24 hours or don’t show. Grrr.

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