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Texting the man or woman you love, whom you just ended things with, whom you are not speaking with, because you find yourself sitting on the edge of your bed before work, tears streaming over how much you miss the sound of their voice, the joke in their speech, the beauty of their face… well, maybe it isn’t a good idea. When you think that you won’t hear back, because you both know it isn’t a good idea, only they do text you, 7 hours later, telling you that they are hiking the mountains in Maine, and they thank you for texting, for inquiring as to how they are. Then you have small talk, for half an hour via text. Only, the small talk is pointless. The texting is pointless. The break up was senseless, and the only resolution that would make sense, is the only possible one that won’t happen. So, the texting ends for the night, only you don’t say goodnight like you used to. It just stops. Interrupted it feels, cut short… like your relationship.

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