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The first post Type Geek date. Sigh.

This was a man I talked to prior to Type Geek, even a bit during, while deciding whether I was going to date T.G. exclusively or continue dating others after Cooper Fiennes and I stopped seeing each other. Older than what I go for, 44. Chubbier than I go for, by maybe 15 pounds. He has 2 pre-teen daughters that live with him part time, an amicable relationship with his ex wife, and no real career to speak of. He gave it up to raise their kids while his then wife focused on hers. Now, 2 years post divorce, he’s wrapping up schooling to get a teacher’s certificate.

He’s a stark contrast from Type Geek. Different. Same height, but different.

We met up at a local foodie haunt for oysters and cocktails. Added a few other small bites in over a 3 drink night of easy, albeit not incredibly connective, conversation, and he seems like a sweet sweet guy. He also seems ready for a relationship again. Really ready. I’m not. I need mindless physical passion without romance right now. I need to find another Spaniard who will fuck me senseless in doorways and behind warehouses, in rental cars and on city benches. I don’t think this Single Dad will be the one to do it. This guy makes girls pancakes in the morning, buys them a robe for his bathroom, gives them daisies. I don’t want daisies, I want to be picked up and put on the kitchen table and fucked.

He has to know that this won’t go anywhere, he knows that Type Geek and I just broke up last week. Thankfully he didn’t try to kiss me, but his hug goodbye was long and extended, both arms, hands squeezing the back, rather than patting. He hugs like a woman. It felt too intimate. I did the one armed hug, I may have even patted. I’m just not ready to embrace anyone else yet. Type Geek’s body still fits in my contours, they haven’t changed shape yet.

On the way home I stopped at the 24 hour grocery and bought cookies and milk. I was bummed out. I wanted chocolate sandwich cookies and lots of dipping. Inadvertently I ate the entire box. I used the cookies to replace a hunger that I couldn’t feed. I miss my bald boy, but baby steps. I got my first post date out of the way, that was the hard part, right? Or is the hard part how much I miss Type Geek?

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