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Ouchie Ow Ow Ow

So, apparently I am even more out of shape than I suspected. I thought yesterday, as I stepped on the elliptical machines, “Hell yeah, an hour on this will be cake.” Only, 3 minutes in, I was a step from crying as I realized that the machine had become my mortal enemy in those 190 seconds. I quickly adjusted my program time to 15 minutes. Not knowing what machine to do next, I wandered around the gym a bit and settled into the cycles for another 15 minute routine. Without an iPod, without a plan, the gym is tremendously BORING.

I walked into work a couple of hours later to find that we had totally changed out our dessert menu and we were scheduled for a tasting. A tasting?! The day I decide to start a no sugar, no processed foods, all health kick for 30 days, the universe decides to throw 12 desserts in my face for me to “try”. My colleagues all said… “just one bite…” , and I ran screaming (in my head) to a salad and a glass of iced green tea. Sigh.  

Midway through my shift, after hours of walking up and down the stairs, my legs turned to flaming rods of pain. 15 minutes on an elliptical could do THAT to my legs?! That proves to me that this challenge is necessary. It seems that Friday is upper body work since I won’t be able to move my legs.

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