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I met Daddy WireFramer on OK Cupid and was impressed with his foodie tendencies and that he had a mid-century chair…and old school punk history. Surely he could be the next coming of Type Geek, but less emotionally stunted, right? WRONG. Sigh.

We met at the bar of a local restaurant in my new neighborhood, the music was an odd mix of 90’s dance hits and the bartender wore rubber bands in his goatee. The crowd, even more peculiar as I looked around and saw older couples gazing at each other like teenagers and realized that they were reminiscing about their first date… to this song, when it was NEW. Oy.

Now, I figured Daddy WireFramer (he has a 7-year-old daughter with his ex-wife) was just nervous, or tired, as we met up at 11 and he had been hanging out with his daughter and her friends all day. It became clear over the hour and a half, that nervous was partially the case, but not fully. We each had one drink, he asked if I wanted another, I left that decision to him. He grabbed the check and when I offered to pay for my drink, he accepted my cash and tip. Which, as you know, to me, immediately sets a more friendly, less datey, mind-set for me.

We walked around for about twenty minutes and about 10 minutes in he stated… drumroll please:

…you are definitely out of my league.


Jesus, really?! Did you just say that on a date? Then follow it with, ” you have so much going for you and you are absolutely gorgeous and I’d be honored if you would be my friend, but I know I’m not what you…” I stopped him there. I was in love with a short grey chested bald man. Are you serious? Needless to say, it is not my job to stroke his ego or try to convince him that he is good enough for me. Sigh.

Why can’t I find Type Geek’s emotionally available doppelgänger?

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