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My biological clock may have turned me into a cock craving mad woman in hopes that I spawn before it is too late, but thanks to modern pharmaceuticals… she won’t win. I recognize your right to do so, but keep these two videos in mind next time you go and get yourself knocked up.

First the chemical highs you get in order to mask the reality of your body being host to a parasite that continues to cling long after it has left the womb and ravaged your body.

Then, thanks to our robot friend who can keep doing it, so I don’t have to… the body fluid and scream free birth 

Did I also mention that these videos freak me out?!

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He finally removed the photo from OkCupid. The one I had taken of him on our trip up to Maine. Finally. So, why now? He didn’t do it after I told him that I was in love with him. He didn’t do it after we decided that we would go forward with our seeing eachother, each of us clearer on where the other stands. He did it after a 5 day trip to the mountains of wyoming with a friend who just lost his wife to cancer. I don’t understand him, but at the end of the day, I love him and that my friends, that is the most important thing. I know he cares about me or he wouldn’t be here. I might even say that he could love me, if he allowed himself. Knowing that it is possible, that makes me smile. That gives me comfort. I do hope that when he goes to sleep at night, he does so knowing that he is loved and that it makes a slight difference.

With that, it is 3:12 am and I have another full day of packing before me tomorrow. He flies out of town fora business trip so I don’t get to see him until he gets back. My new apartment is closer to his apartment than my condo, I hope the proximity increases the likelihood of intimacy, cause I am horny as hell most of the month and this 3 times isn’t cuttin’ it. He best be buying me a rabbit for Christmas if he doesn’t plan on stepping up to my box more often.

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This made me laugh a thousand laughs….

Who are you?! Please contact me, that way I can say THANKS and give you credit!

OK, apparently this is an http://xkcd.com/ comic. I never knew of them, BUT everyone else did, as my comments lit up on this one. Thanks for the help people!

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