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We had a hot date scheduled, tickets bought, dinner planned… then work reared its not so ugly head and the next thing I knew, I was home alone on the night I should have been swaying my hips while leaning against his back, as is my pose at all shows we attend together. Halfway across the country he ate at a farm to table themed restaurant in a 5 star hotel, then wandered around the city passing time on a “night off” until his meetings this morning. He sent me pictures of himself against artistic backgrounds, in close cuddles with red resin penguins and texts of his amazing meal. I sent him room service. A half dozen chocolate dipped organic strawberries and a note. Sigh. He is back tonight. I am considering a late night sneak into his sheets and cuddle post work. Maybe he’ll steal one of the red penquins for me and bring it back in his carry on. I hear that penguins like cold New England winters.

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