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It is often the case that the moment I feel a bit closer to TypeGeek, a great oceanic trench opens up and the separation begins. An ebb and flow. Cute pet names and numerous sidewalk kisses one day, arms length indecision the next. We have talked of driving to my home town this coming weekend, of Autumn leaves and meandering in sweaters with hands cupping large mugs of cider. I do not hold my breath, but I hope. Hope is all we can have in our dealings with other people isn’t it? We can’t have expectations, as we will be let down.  What we think isn’t always what is or what will be. All we can do is hope for the best. I don’t think the trip will happen, but it doesn’t mean it won’t.

A friend suggested that this is a man’s way, when he is unsure of the situation. That he, like most men, will dance back and forth between romantic to platonic as they all try to navigate it mentally. Is this true?

What are some of the strangest behaviors you, the readers, have exhibited and/or witnessed in the early undefined stages of a new relationship?

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