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This week is going to be a slow week. A friend from NYC, who now lives in the desert (way to change things up, huh?!), is coming up to visit for a few days over the weekend and into early next week. The plan is Ethiopian food and for my friend to perform in a singer-songwriter showcase at a local Irish pub. It should be fun, Type Geek is trying to schedule it in, if he is in town.

So, Type Geek, if you read my last post you know that I am grappling with why I seem to be hesitant to be emotionally vulnerable and open to the guy who actually lives here, rather than the one who is a temporary resident. Safety in closed ends I guess. I am trying to figure out if it’s my own fear of what having a boyfriend would mean to my identity as a hiatal lesbian. I don’t feel straight, DEFINETLY don’t feel bi. It’s one thing to dabble in heterosexuality, it is another thing to jump in and be in a committed heterosexual relationship. Hmm, eek.

Now, while I am figuring out what I am thinking or think I am thinking, I have been asked to test out a new dating site which is in Beta. It’s online meets real life in a way that makes connections more nerve-wracking and risky. I don’t mean risky in the sense of danger danger, but in the sense of, you need to bite the bullet and make a move in person, just a little one, to find out what their degree of interest is later. There are these flirty little cards that you slip them, they have an initial sly remark to show your interest and then the address of an online site that the man, or woman, will hopefully, visit later that night or in the coming days. That site address will be your profile.

My initial review? Might be more successful for women than men. If you are already in front of them, why not talk them up then? Hmm, ok, I see some general flaws in the site so far, but lets see how it works. I’ll keep you informed as I get the cards in the mail from the company.

I know that it sounds like I am an asshole, after JUST saying that maybe I should be giving Type Geek more of a chance. Well, a few things.

  1. He knows about the blog. NOT specifics, but in the general sense.
  2. We are casual and non committed at this point.
  3. I asked him if it would bother him if I tested out this site for my blog and the dating site developer. He seemed perplexed that I would even think it might bother him. He happily sent me on my way to test the site.

Would I have liked for a little bit of hesitation on his willingness to let me do the market research? Maybe a little. I am not quite sure where I stand with him. Eventually I will know, one way or another, correct?

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