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I began working at a restaurant again a few weeks ago, after a 12 year hiatus. The recession wasn’t kind to my business, therefore it was time to look for some other income. The restaurant is a high-end casual place with internationally influenced american grill cuisine. The chef is a local chef celebrity and so far, the reviews are glowing. We have been training for three weeks, this week we went live, first to a select few invite only  “friends and family”, a.k.a. investors, corporate employees, and local who’s-its. Friday the doors open to the public and we go live. So far, so good.

A table I had last night was pretty hysterical. They were all liquor reps working within the industry. They ranged from 29-40 and consisted of an extra from Jersey Shore, with his inflated muscles, spray tan, ed hardy, and muscles that wouldn’t stop, a blonde woman who rolled her eyes at most things the boys said, an older wine rep gentleman who was friendly but respectful and the clown, the black gentleman at the table who asked for hand massages, made passing jokes about coming home with me, and in so many other ways, made his sexual interest in me apparent. I am not adverse to sexualized flirtation. It’s fine. I just forgot how it can be as an attractive female server. He did not get my phone number, in case you are wondering. I have a feeling that a piece of ass is easy to come by for him, I’m not interested in being part of his germ-pool.

Tonight is another night. I am curious about the clientele this evening and what their level of expectations will be. I sense that I will receive many blatant come ons in the coming months. I’m fresh meat to these people. This is going to be very interesting to track moving forward.

On a side note, Cooper Fiennes is headed to Mexico with his best friend on “The Trip”. They are flying out this afternoon and returning on Sunday. THIS is the infamous trip of infinite possibilities. The reason he could no longer date me, as he needed the freedom to explore this connection. Sigh. Maybe it will be the worst kiss of his life. One can only hope.

As for Type Geek, he has been insanely sweet and wonderful all week. He wrote me the kindest email on Monday regarding everything I am currently dealing with; business, home, financial, etc. As my friend who was visiting from the west coast said,”Type Geek is boyfriend material”. True, he is. But is that what I want right now? Also, could I realistically handle his work life if we were more than casual? I never factored the possibility of a boyfriend into this whole experience. That feels weird to say. After so many years of girlfriend and partner, boyfriend feels like another language.

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