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This is horrifying to admit. I know it happens to other people, but it has never happened to me, partly because I was gay for so long, I guess.

I love Skyn condoms. They are great. Having gone bare for a few minutes before switching to condom clad, I have to say, the Skyn’s are the closest to au naturale. I like them also because they have some good give, they fit both my average guy and my well endowed guy with no problems. Love, love, love… but.

How do I say this? Hmm. Ever been going at it for a while, like, REALLY going at it, acrobatically and woo hoo, yeah, kind of going at it and then suddenly your guy friend looks at you with some weird look? I now know this as the, Ummm, lost the condom look. It was there. We started with one. We look at each other and start searching the bed, because surely it CAN NOT be where I am dreading and he is thinking. After a few minutes we just look at each other and laugh.

I put our hands together and after deciding that his fingers are longer… I sent him in. Slightly humiliating. Yes. Yes. Something to laugh about later. Most definitely.

Any of you ever had a condom play hide and seek? Were you the giver or receiver of the sneaky play? Did you freak out? Did you go get emergency contraception? I opted not too. He hadn’t come yet, I know there are some risks but I think it will be fine. Maybe this is poor decision-making on my part, but I weighed it in my mind for 24 hours afterward and opted not to. Hopefully that doesn’t bite me in the ass later.

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