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Type Geek was gone for 10 days, however, due to our massive FAILS at trying to hook up for last-minute bon voyage nookie pre trip, it had been nearly two weeks since we had gotten naked and romped. Cooper Fiennes is hot and sexy, yes. This is undisputable, but, Type Geek is a sure bet for a great orgasm. Sure, it’s still oral and not from the man sex BUT it IS someone else giving it to me and doing it well. C.F. and I haven’t naturally found a style that works for us to get me off. I’m a hard nut to crack and it doesn’t negate from how great the sex is, but an orgasm WOULD be the cherry on top, so to speak. ANYWAY. So, my boy came back in town Tuesday night and we planned a rendezvous. He just wanted me to come over, but I wanted to make an entrance. I gave hints here and there, but he had no idea beyond pigtails and a promise of being naughty. I was feeling a little chubby too, something I have been feeling lately, so, there was an inward struggle with how to transcend that all and still feel sexy.

I had errands to run earlier in the day and was able to set aside 5 hours before I was to meet him. How to unchubbify the brain in 5 hours or less. The most important issue at hand was waxing and shaving. I have started home waxing as much as I can (hello awkward positions) because of the current budget issues and then shaving what areas I can’t wax (am I the only whose hair on the backs of her thighs grows in 14 directions?! ) without hurting myself or getting stuck to some piece of furniture in my condo. I waxed first and then, looking at the clock and gasping at the time, jumped in the tub for a shave. We were texting back and forth about his time frame as I soaped, shaved and rinsed.

After I pulled myself out of the tub, I stood there perplexed. What was I gonna wear that made me feel sexy, negated the chubby, and would knock him off his feet? La La La, I looked around. I finally decided on this cute set of black lace hipster panties and a small triangle bralet. But, what over top? What shoes? Oh hell. In a moment of divine intervention I decide on fishnet thigh highs with garters, a black snug button down shirt and a pencil skirt with slinky black heels. The garters are a thick banded lace, woo hoo, covering the chubby belly! THAT is how you dechubbify and sexy up in under 5 hours! So, I also realized that I was NOT going to make it to his place on the train in time without skipping a step, so I opted for a cab. You can’t wear all this and NOT do your makeup or your nails. It’s like forgetting to add the salt to a dish. Blasphemy.

I took the dog out for bathroom duty, called the cab, put on the finishing touches and grabbed the condoms, my clothes for the am, a toothbrush and the wine out of the fridge as an after thought. The cab met me outside a minute later and due to the joy of one way streets, dropped me three blocks away, rather than our increasing the fare by $10 trying to figure out what street goes where. As I walked the remaining distance, Type Geek and I texted each other. He told me that he was looking forward to seeing me, I sent a picture text of my fish net clad calf and responded that he had no idea what he had in store for him. He then texted me his address again. Sweetie, I know where you live, I’m not gonna get lost. As I walked up to his back door his kitty saw me and ran down the hallway and meowed at him in the kitchen. She then ran back into the hall and meowed again as if to say, “Dad, that chick you kick me out of the bed for is here, don’t let her in, please.” It took a couple more texts for him to understand that yes, I was in fact at HIS backdoor right NOW. Oh Oh Oh… and he walked down the hallway and let me in.

He greeted me with a smile and a kiss that somehow moved me 5 feet into the office, without my noticing. The heels made me a hair taller than him, so I immedietly stepped out of them after noticing and onto the wood floor. We kissed for a few more moments and as he was running his hands along the outside of my skirt he stopped and immedietly got an erection when he realized I was wearing stockings with garters. I didn’t realize that he had a stocking thing. Apparently he has a sock thing as well. This is going to be fun.

We went to the kitchen for a few moments, talked about his trip as I sat on his kitchen table and without warning, he interrupted the conversation with a serious kitchen table fondling. The table was proving less comfortable and subsequently less sexy than initially thought, so we made out while walking down the hall into his bedroom.

This proved to be one of our funner nights as clothing flew and skin was bared… except the stockings. Those stayed on for the duration. He got me off, I got him off and sleep was good. Unfortunately sleep was short, as it was a weekday and we both had work in the morning. We slept through the alarm and missed our morning sex. I really like our morning sex. Sigh. We scrambled through some coffee, a couple of figs, threw clothes on and he drove me to the train on his way to his meeting. I reminded him, after he kissed me goodbye, as I leaned into his seat at the station, that he will owe me some morning sex. This didn’t seem to be a debt he minded repaying.

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