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Oh Pandora, I woke up in a funk after 3 long days of exhaustive smiles and metaphorical public relation hand stands. Standing on concrete floors in expo halls without natural light for 10 hours a day is not the way I love spending my time, however, it is a necessary evil to what I am trying to build. Now I want some mellow music and you keep throwing John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Coldplay and Jack Johnson at me. I’m ending my period, not starting, and you have me a weepy, feeling sorry for myself mess. Pandora, step off bitch! Give me a reprieve, would ya?!

So, the event attendance was low, therefore there was no luck on the flirting with hot strangers front. I tried to flirt with the coffee boy from the fair trade company cause he seems sweet and I have chatted him up as friendly acquaintances for a couple of years now but I don’t think I was very successful. He’s not a sexy bitch or anything, but he seems genuine and funny and there is something cute about him. 

One guy I have been chatting up online a bit was going to swing by my event but ended up unable to after his early afternoon barbeque turned into an all day thing. Truth be told, I am not that excited by him. He is nice-ish. We have some music and scenester type commonality but I don’t find him that attractive. Sigh.

I looked through the dating sites this morning, for the first time in a week. There is no one interesting at the moment. Everyone seems lackluster at best and douchebag at worst. Unfortunately, the average, seems to be douchebag. I attract a strange mix of men. One site brings me muscle-bound conservatives or fatties that think we “have so much in common”. Just because I wear glasses does not mean I am Sarah Palin you weird right wingers. I am a socialist with some sexuality ambiguity going these days, NOT your republican dream gal. READ THE PROFILE!!!! The other site brings me  22 year olds that want to know how often I think about or have sex, whether I will cyber with them, or be their older cougar. So, because I am 35 and supposedly at my sexual peak, I should sleep with kids? Are you kidding me?

There are days when this ride is great, hitting the peaks, exploring the beautiful back countryside, riding along coastal dunes, and breathing in fresh air. Then there are weeks that consist of  feeling like I am in the breakdown lane in some backwoods town or a barren highway in the middle of nowhere with the smell of burnt tire and leaking gasoline. As I sat writing this, I was messaged by a few people on both sites. I wish I could find some enthusiasm, but it’s missing lately. I feel like it has gone m.i.a. on me. Maybe I need to check my seat cushions.

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