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Not only a catchy song by Queen, but also the theme song of the evening.

It started off with so much possibility, so much potential. We met online and realized within 5 minutes of chatting that we used to live in the same town and know a lot of the same people and volunteer at the same places, yet we had never met. Well, Mr. Personality Plus Former Reporter had me nearly begging the cocktail waitress for a fork with which to stab myself in the eye. Just for some excitement. I tried several topics, I tried asking questions, I didn’t know what else to try. He had two drinks in him and was obviously physically attracted to me, but unable to communicate as a human sitting across from another human. Perhaps this is why he is a FORMER reporter.

We sat first at the bar but  after the first 5 minutes I realized that the speaker was screaming in my ear so I couldn’t hear him speak (not that he actually did much of this). I moved us to the back corner table and hoped that with some more quiet and privacy, perhaps he might loosen up. Or not. I tried people watching, as a spectator sport and including him on it… nada. I would get a couple of sentences from him and then he would clam up. At one point the silence was so awkward that I was thinking I should just call it, time of death, 7:30. BUT, then he spoke…two sentences. He complained about my choice of bars, meanwhile I considered that, he could have suggested some other place. He complained of the charge for extra sauce and finally there was the most irritatingly awkward moment. When it came time to pay the tab. Now, I believe in gender neutrality when dating. If I ask you out, I will pay or at least try to. If you ask me out, and I am a CHEAP date (2 hard ciders and some french fries folks!), then c’mon and pay for me. He said that he had frequented this particular bar. Everyone knows that this bar takes cash only. Everyone also knows, to always go to an atm before meeting up with your date, the one YOU asked out. So, I paid $25 of the $35 tab.

So, it doesn’t matter if you have an inch thick book of potential topics or new ones to explore, some people just aren’t capable of understanding what makes a good date. Even if the romance aspect is doomed, at least try to enjoy yourself and consider it a good opportunity to learn about a new person. Have fun, you and your date deserve it.

So, another one down and a near record in shortest length of a cocktail date, 6:20 to 7:55. I was even able to get some shopping done after and bought some new socks. Note to self:  If asked out again by this man, feign disappointment and then explain that you are watching a riveting stop motion documentary in Dutch about how dirt is made.

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