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How did I NOT freeze my bits off? Was it because they were numb from the pain of hot wax and the yanking of hair? Today was the coldest day of the winter thus far, not the type of day I like to be out walking around while running errands. Ending it by stripping down and being humiliated by hot wax and gloved hands as my waxer begs me to bring in the hottie for her to meet, isn’t exactly a highlight either. Just how am I supposed to do that? Hey McHottie, while I was getting the hair yanked off my girly bits, I happened to mention to my waxer that you are one of the most beautiful men I have ever known and now she wants to meet you? Probably NOT going to happen.

I spoke with him earlier today, via text, the Peruvian I mean. I was in his neighborhood and we chatted about beverages but his schedule was too insane. I told him that he needed to check his mail, as I sent him something that should have arrived.

Just incase you all aren’t fully on the same page, today’s wax was a wishful wax for a Thursday night of feistiness. Are we all still meditating on this for me? I need all the good positive energy you can direct towards me and this cause.

Before my wax I met up with the Asian man (with two dogs) at a local cafe. His energy was a little erratic and brisk. I had been sitting by a window working on my business plan revamp when he arrived and approached me.  When picking up his mocha from the barista station he grasped it to hard and caused the cup to cave in on itself in such a way that it splashed out onto the counter and some of the packaged snack bars beside him. I grabbed a handful of napkins and handed them to him, making an assumption that he would proceed to clean up some of the mess he made. When I saw that he was focused on wiping off his cup only and had begun to walk away from the mess, leaving it for the workers to clean, I grabbed some towels and proceeded to clean it up myself. He did not say thank you. We talked about our dogs, the various medical conditions and treatments that they have all been through, and my business.  The rest of our conversation fades into the abyss. He isn’t remarkable, doesn’t look like his photos and has very little engaging personality. He lacked warmth and on a cold day, I was looking for warmth, not Mr. Frigidaire. Needless to say, there will not be a second date.

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