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I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about the coming week. I had made a hair and a waxing appointment in hopes that I would hear from the hottie, but I had no dates in sight. Then, suddenly in the matter of a few hours I have 4 with the potential for another. All afternoon dates, which I find easier because you can escape them if they are going poorly. The Aussie vegan anarchist, an ex reformed Jew with mussed up hair, a dog loving asian gentleman and someone training for a marathon. The 4th potential is the Jewish Dad. I am not actively seeking Jewish men, I just happen to find them adorable and then find out they are Jewish. Is there something wrong with that? On top of all of this, I check my email to find that the hottie Peruvian is no longer possible McDouche, because he emailed to say Hello. Yay. I might just have a New Year’s Eve reason for that wax after all!

I did get my daily astrology.com love tarot and again it was that damn King of Pentacles. I get it, I do. So, present me universe with one thing that is viable and perhaps this blog will change its focus from dating many to dating one. However, until you provide a man who can handle me and be handled by me or a clear path back to women, stop taunting me with the King of Pentacles.

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I had made plans with this one gentleman to get together today for coffee but I woke up unable to do it. I called him to rain check but truth be told, I don’t really even want to. I feel badly though. I feel as if he has put so much effort in with emails that I should just give him the 2 hours. Bad way to go into a date right? Then there is the Jewish dad with the pack of dogs that wants to get together but I am not feeling that either. He’s abrasive and his laugh annoys me. Really annoys me. Sigh. There is a young one I spoke with the other day who is intriguing. I don’t normally reply back to men in their 20’s but he seemed to have already experienced his late 20’s existential dilemma. Plus, he turns 30 today. I promised him a birthday drink when he gets back from California.

Interestingly enough, today, 3 men in their 20’s have contacted me. Currently, I am on Skype with a young Aussie vegan who believes in economic anarchism and has a propensity for stabbing himself accidently every time he gets near a chefs knife.  He sounds cute and has some strong opinions that he is able to stand by and offer back up support on why he feels that way.

Well, he just asked me if I want to meet up tonight for drinks. Hmm, ok, why the hell not. Time to jump in the shower as he will be picking me up in an hour.  Strange how I began this post having canceled a date and ended it running out for one.  I will update you all when I get in this evening.

Or I will update this post, as he phoned me while I was in the shower realizing that he needs to get to bed early tonight for a meeting in the morning. So, we have rescheduled for coffee tomorrow afternoon. Ha, this day.

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