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Sometimes it really comes down to either/or. At least lately it seems to. Since I have found my sex drive, which apparently was hiding partially under the shoe of a foreigner (yes, you) and partly in the couch cushions belonging to my friend who owns the jewish penis, I have also found my hormones or more to the point, they have found me. I am suddenly a neurotic insecure over thinking emotional freak flag waving crazy woman on my period. Who is this woman? For the last 23 years I have had my period without much incident other than annoyance and bitterness. Now, I require lock up for several days so I can’t say anything I will regret. For someone who likes to live life without regret, my period is making it impossible.

The tally today is… number of time I wanted to touch myself – 5, number of times I cried during random bits of random songs -6. Neurotic and weepy wins the race over horny. Excellent, not really.

I am currently feeling both immensely humbled and regretful for stupid actions, as well as, insecure and wanting to hide under a rock because no one but fellow freaks will ever want me. Anyone have any sedatives to get me through the next few days?

No dates set up for the week yet, probably a good thing, considering my current mental instability.

 P.S. I have no idea who is in this photo. It was an awesome uncredited image online. If anyone knows, please, have them contact me so I can credit them. This is the best of the worst Halloween costumes ever (or worst of the best…you know what I mean!)

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